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[Nettime-nl] MediaRuimte_LAb[au]_April_2_2005



..1 ... <> > MediaRuimte

..2 ... <> > LAb[au]

..3 ... <> > general news

..Performance / Installation MR.wav 17 _ Thursday 28.04 - 21:00 h,
MediaRuimte, Brussels 

..Performance Man in e.SPACE.mov _ Wednesday 11.05, 19:00 h, EDF
Electra, Paris 	



..MR.wav 17 
..David Helbich + 
..Boris Baltschun


..MediaRuimte XYZ 01t
..Lakensestraat 104
..Brussels 1000 Belgium


..21.00 h installation
..22:00 h concert [ 0.5h !! ] 

..Entrance: 0€ 


..LAb[au] is pleased to invite you to: 

..MR.wav 17: " There are many ways of saying Gleichzeitigkeit "
..performance + installation 

..taking place at: MediaRuimte, platform for digital art & architecture

..In the centre of the evening stands the performance "There are many
ways of saying 
..Gleichzeitigkeit", where two people operate slide projectors and
electronic sound sources. 
..In 30 minutes they show a highly composed concept of event appearance
next to an open
.. field of discrete content shifting. 

..The temporal and spatial surrounding of the performance will be
several in(ter)dependent 
..installations and a three-floor-live-cam-network route. 

..Instead of a fully illustrative or even completely arbitrary relation
between sound and image 
..they try to organise the material in relation to less evident
categories. But still organise them. 


..performance / installation with the support by: f,r,o,g,s opensource -

..All further info: ...
<http://www.mediaruimte.be/events/MRwav17_Helbich_Baltschun.htm> >




..Man in e.SPACE.mov


..l'espace EDF Electra
..6 Rue Récamier 
..Paris [ F ] 


. Wednesday 11.05.2005
..start: 19:00 h 

..LAb[au] + Wolf K _ Res Publica invited for the opening of the: 
..Nicolas Schöffer exhibition 
..l'espace EDF Electra, 6 Rue Récamier Paris [ f] 

. to present their.performance: " Man in e.space.mov "

.."My themes - the human figure in space, its moving and stationary
functions, sitting, lying, 
..walking, standing - are as simple as they are universally valid.
Besides they are inexhaustible." 
...................................................Oskar Schlemmer 

..The performance ‘ MAN in eSPACE.mov ' is the result of  a
collaboration  between the French 
..based dance company ‘Res Publica' and the Belgian collaborative agency
LAb[au] _ between 
..dance and architecture. The performance is a first step towards an
interactive dance performance 
..examining the notion s of space and action  - movement , confronting
them to 
..communication and computation technologies which extend perception and
..to eventually underline the relationships between body and space _

..Special thanks to: Eléonore de Lavandeyra Schöffer 

..general news 
..cimatics05 | call for entries | 	


..cimatics festival05 entry

..entry deadline: 15 June 2005
..festival: 3.-13.11.2005


..We are informing you that call for entries for CIMATICS.05 - The
Brussels International Festival 
.. for Live Audio Visual Arts & VJ'ing has opened.

..In general, the festival aims to promote innovative and outstanding
productions in the field of 
..audiovisual performance, vj-ing and interactive installations, as well
as gathering recent artistic 
..and technical developments in order to present it to a general public.

..The festival will be held between 3th and 13th November 2005 at
different venues. Proposals 
..should be submitted no later than 15th June 2005.

..For all further information: http://www.cimatics.com




..soundtoys 2005 


..commissions for soundtoys 2005 closed 

..Soundtoys is also putting together a CDROM which will feature artworks
from the past five years. 
..We are looking for a proposal from someone who can make the interface
for the CDROM for the 
..artworks. We want an interesting audio visual interface to control and
connect to the works on 
..the CDROM. Anyone interested should send in sketches and a proposal,
and examples of 
..previous work. We have a budget of 1000 pounds or 2000 dollars to make
the design and 

..Deadline 20th May
















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