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[Nettime-nl] [ STEIM ] Announcement ElectroAcoustic Performance Lab: RapidRecovery ii

ElectroAcoustic Performance Lab: Rapid Recovery ii

In the week of the 9th -12th of May Joel Ryan will be hosting another 
electro-acoustic performance lab at STEIM in Amsterdam. The idea is to 
take an extended segment of time where performer/composers can 
experiment with ideas of ensemble playing and theatrical presentation 
incorporating electronic means. We will have STEIM's concert hall for 
the duration with a multi-channel sound system and material support 
from STEIM's pool. A public concert on May 12 will be at the focus of 
the workshop. Though it will be limited in size, the lab is open to 
all. Acoustic players who get a charge out of electronics are always 
welcome. Contact Joel with your ideas and any questions directly or via to reserve a place.

Date: May 9 - 12
Time: 10-16h
Fee: €75 (free for Conservatory of The Hague students)
Registration can only be done by sending an application to Joel Ryan 

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