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rini hartman

The  Artivist  Film Festival  is the first festival dedicated to
addressing social, global, political, animal  rights and environmental
issues through Film, Visual Arts & Music. Our  mission is to strengthen
the voice of international activist Filmmakers &  Artists -
"Artivists" - while raising public awareness and funds for  global
social causes.

Art  can be a powerful medium for social change by bringing people
together, raising  awareness, instilling hope, and inspiring action. We
seek to unite the entertainment  industry, the corporate world and
nonprofit organizations towards a common goal  of giving exposure and
support to socially aware Artivists. The time has come  to direct the
power of art, media and entertainment towards more responsible, 
compassionate and effective uses starting right here in Hollywood.

Each  year, we will bring several key issues to the forefront. This year
we are highlighting  Children's Advocacy, International Human Rights,
Animal Rights and Environmental  Issues.

The  Child Welfare League of America, Witness, The Humane Society of the
United States  and Greenpeace have been selected and will be recognized
and honored  for their contributions to these causes.  All net proceeds
from the Festival go towards supporting these organizations in 
continuing their charitable work.

The  Artivist Film Festival premieres  on April 22, 2004, the
internationally recognized Earth Day, and runs for  7 days culminating
in an Awards Gala for Artivists and our chosen charities.  This year,
the Festival will be held in the renowned Egyptian  Theatre in the heart
of Hollywood.

Become  a Patron - Artivism Needs You

rini hartman
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