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[Nettime-nl] Public Lecture: Bureau of Inverse Technology

  Public Lecture:
  Bureau of Inverse Technology
  The Decade Report - The Bureau, The First Ten Years

  Wednesday, February 18th, 2004

  Piet Zwart Institute
  Overblaak 85
  auditorium  1.001

  Kate Rich and Natalie Jeremijenko speak about the Bureau of
  Inverse Technology [BIT].

  The Bureau is an information agency servicing the Information
  Age. Founded Melbourne AU 1992; operates globally.

  BIT media products include economic and ecologic indices;
  event-triggered webcam networks; human-animal communications
  interfaces; and various product and vision videos.

  Today's presentation will introduce a decade of work from the
  bureau, including the BIT RADIO- a sound-triggered
  radio-interruption service developed for instant publication of
  live gunfire audio over local FM; the SPARROW REPORT LINE- a
  public database recording the vanishing network of distributed
  sparrows around New York and London; and the OOZ- an experiment
  in lifestyle design for feral animals.

  This event is free and open to the public.

  Bureau of Inverse Technology is currently Research Fellow at the
  Media Design Research programme of the Piet Zwart Institute, the
  institute for postgraduate studies and research of the Willem de
  Kooning Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam.

  The Bureau of Inverse Technology website is at: For more information: call Monday thru'
  Thursday: +31 (0)10 241 41 52 Transport: Overblaak 85 is the
  largest of the yellow Kubus buildings in the centre of
  Rotterdam.  You can get here by Tram 1 or by train or Metro to
  Station Blaak.
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