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[Nettime-nl] New Possibilies in Public Art | Lecture by Ava Bromberg

SMART Project Space | 1st Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam | 020 427 5951 
New Possibilities in Public Art | Lecture by Ava Bromberg | Sunday 22nd June, 14:00 h.

For the past nine months Ava Bromberg has been researching the idea of public space, autonomous cultural production and art beyond the periphery of the museum and gallery space in cities all over the world. At SMART Project Space, Ava will trace the development of her ideas, considering how the quest for 'publicness' led her to sites of autonomous cultural production. She will discuss concrete examples that deal with the achievements of those involved in the creation of art spaces, the obstacles they face, and the new possibilities their work presents. After the lecture there will be occasion for questions and discussion.

Ava Bromberg was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship 2002-2003 for her research project "The Public Artist: Creating a Public Space in the 21st Century City". She proposes to answer the question: What is the relevance of art to the audiences of global cities in the 21st Century? She examines how artists are creating locally relevant and accessible art in public spaces within the context of cities such as Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Bangkok and Sydney. Bromberg hopes to witness, by research in these cities, how artists' responses to the call for public art changes with cultural, economic and political contexts. These cities will serve as examples of where the public and art intersect historically, the influence of funding and government support, and the potential for art to direct a culturally intact future.

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