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[Nettime-nl] New Raft Recordings on The Bermuda Triangle .fwd

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 19:39:00 +0000
From: RAFT Recordings <raft@theserecords.com>

'Chanson Dada' on the radio and web tonight,

presented via The Bermuda Triangle, presented by my these co-worker 'H'.
and hopefully, if all goes according to plan an appearance via
Telephony by andrew himself.


p.s. all those who enquired about/reserved Dada already will hear from me
with full details of availablity and price et al in the next day or so.


Thursday 12th December 2002
12.00 Midnight (G.M.T.)
Resonance 104.4 f.m.

'The Bermuda Triangle'

webstreamed via

new Raft Recordings will be played by

CATCH 20-22

as available on three new vinyl records
(amongst other things)
more info on the vinyl will follow Friday 13th...
listen to the radio


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