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[Nettime-nl] Transmedia Postgraduate Program: Last Call for Entries

Title: Transmedia Postgraduate Program: Last Call for Entries


The Transmedia postgraduate program in arts, media & design is a two-year, full-time course and leads to a postgraduate diploma in Transmedia studies.

During the first INPUT year, you hone your production skills in the Transmedia lab, learn directly from visiting artists, engage with the history and theory of transmedia art in seminars, attend public events and devote time to your own work. This input confronts and fuels you with different ways of working and thinking in order to develop your ideas and methods further. We do not want you to switch discipline and start from scratch. The program is not designed to turn web designers into filmmakers or conceptual artists into graphic designers. Instead, we set up an interdisciplinary research environment from which you can learn and deepen your own practice. You will be challenged to rethink your process, develop new approaches and redefine your work. At the end of the year, you will submit a portfolio as well as a research dossier that outlines your individual graduation project. Since there are no exams at Transmedia, your admission to the second year hinges mainly on the review of this dossier.

During the second OUTPUT year, you devote most, if not all of your time to your individual graduation project that consists of a substantiated art work, i.e. a work supported by a contextual statement and defense. This argumentation can take on different forms (a written essay, a live presentation, a web site, a slide show, a video tape,) and is meant to contextualize your project. At this stage in the program, a tutor of your choice helps you further refine your skills and ideas through discussions, readings, research, and small projects. Visiting artists comment on your work-in-progress and public events continue to inspire you as you pursue the intensive, final transmedia project of your own design.

Transmedia offers you a stimulating environment where you have access to state-of-the-art facilities. The aim of our program is to encourage you in producing art-work that involves the computer either as a working tool (editing, designing, programming) or as a presentation model (multimedia installation, web site, CD-ROM). Still, we emphasize the user's creativity rather than the machine. You are challenged to engage computer-mediated interactivity as broadly as possible, that is, using different and alternative forms of narration, installation and interface to foster innovative forms of communication and expression through transmedia art-work. We believe that people of different backgrounds and experiences are central to this collaborative, multi-disciplinary practice. Therefore, we welcome candidates from a variety of backgrounds: from graphic design, visual arts, architecture, and performance to photography, film, video, installation, and new media, but also from the humanities, sciences, music composition, dance, and industrial design.

What sets the Transmedia program apart from university-based and regular art school training programs is its exceptional focus on research and its integrated mix of art practice and critical thought. This enables you to emphasize not only technical knowledge, but also the conceptual understanding and insights you will need to produce thoughtful, engaging, and professional art-work. You work closely with internationally recognized teachers and visiting artists who are actively shaping the direction of thinking and practice in the rapidly evolving transmedia field through their own work.

Things you should know:
- Transmedia is housed in Brussels, Belgium at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussels near the center of the city.
- The working language of this international program is English, so proficiency in that language, both spoken and written, is required.
- The Transmedia program (1st and 2nd year) starts on November 4, 2002 and ends on June 30, 2003.
- The final deadline for applications for the 1st year is October 1, 2002. The number of new admissions for the 2002-2003 academic year is limited to 15.