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[Nettime-nl] An invitation from Idealist to meet with others in your community February 5

Ami Dar schreef:

> Dear friends,
> Two weeks ago we wrote to ask for your feedback on
> The days since then have been the most moving and
> exciting we've ever had. Close to a thousand people
> from around the around world wrote back with their
> comments and ideas, some of which you can see at
> the bottom of this message.
> Most importantly, several of those who responded
> offered to host start-up meetings in their communities
> on February 5th, and we hope that wherever you are
> you can participate in one.
> At you can now find
> a link to "Start-up Meetings on February 5th" where
> you can read more about these meetings, volunteer
> to host one, register to attend one, or pre-register
> to be notified automatically when a meeting is
> organized near you.
> Finally, please share this message with anyone you
> know who might be interested in this project, and don't
> hesitate to write us with any questions or comments you
> may have.
> Thanks in advance, and all the best to you and yours!
> Ami, Russ, Lorene, Dan, Mireya, Lea, Liz, Emma, Samantha & Adrian
> Action Without Borders
> 212-843-3973
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> it, please go to our homepage at
> These are some of the responses we received over
> the last three weeks. For more, please see:
> "I feel inspired by this idea, and we must do everything
> we can to get started as soon as possible. Please count
> on us for support. This is a fantastic opportunity to
> bring people and ideas together for the common good."
> Peter Bangura, Executive Director,
> Community Research and Development Organization (CREDO)
> Freetown, Sierra Leone
> "I am a case manager at a homeless shelter. After
> reading this proposal, I felt a thrust of energy. As an
> Ashanti proverb reads, "It takes a village to raise a
> nation". Count me in."
> Rasheedah Jones,
> Bronx, New York, United States
> "I work for an international company in Pakistan. I
> fully support this initiative because it offers a
> wonderful opportunity for people like me in the private
> sector to apply our skills for a good cause and earn the
> most important benefit, which is personal satisfaction -
> something that is often missing in commercial sector
> jobs."
> Qazi Yawar Naeem,
> Karachi, Pakistan
> "I'm a student at Wesley Girls High School. I think it's
> a really great idea and a very interesting project to
> embark upon. I'm all for it!"
> Dzifa Ackuaku,
> Accra, Ghana
> "As a sustainable development consultant with a private
> consultancy, which deals essentially with local
> authorities and the private sector, it is sometimes hard
> to make changes at a local level. Policy is essential
> when pursuing change, but it rarely empowers people or
> educates them about the choices available to them. I
> think the idea of 'Help Centres' is wonderful as a way
> to establish connections with people globally in order
> to make local changes. I say the sooner the better.
> Where can I sign up?!"
> Jane Hackett,
> Dublin, Ireland
> "I've been working in the Social Sector in my country
> for about ten years, first as a volunteer, and now as a
> professional for the last couple of years. I find this
> new project extremely interesting and pertinent, and I
> would very much like to help develop it down here."
> Luz Mariela Avruj,
> Buenos Aires, Argentina
> "I work as a general ophthalmologist in a government
> hospital. Truly speaking, I am excited to hear about
> this wonderful idea of getting people together via the
> Internet and, most importantly, face-to-face. I will be
> very happy to offer my help, wherever it may be
> needed, anywhere in the world."
> Khadija A. Yahyai,
> Muscat, Oman
> "This idea is inspiring and outrageous. I love it! As a
> library student who is interested in community action,
> this is exactly the project for me."
> Annette MacIntyre,
> Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
> For more comments from around the world, please see
> And to read about this initiative and get to the Meetings
> page, please go to
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