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[Nettime-nl] FastTrack?


het gaat in het onderstaande om een Nederlands bedrijf dat het file sharing
programma kazaa distribueert... Is de kans groot dat FastTrack gesloten
wordt? Wie weet er iets meer over dit bedrijf en de juridische kanten aan de
zaak voor een Nederlands bedrijf?



o RIAA, MPAA Sue File-Sharing Services FastTrack, MusicCity and Grokster

Washington, D.C. -- The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) filed copyright
infringement lawsuits against several of the most popular
Napster-alternative file-sharing services late on Tuesday, calling them a
"21st century piratical bazaar where the unlawful exchange of protected
materials takes place across the vast expanses of the Internet." The
defendants named include Netherlands-based FastTrack, which distributes
the Kazaa program; Tennessee-based MusicCity, which offers Morpheus; and
Nevis, West Indies-based Grokster. CNET reported that collectively, users
have downloaded over 34 million versions of the file-sharing programs from in recent months; Webnoize figures show that users downloaded
1.5 billion files from FastTrack in September. Unlike Napster or Scour,
these services operate without the need of a central server, meaning that
even if the parent companies that developed and currently distribute the
software are shut down, file-sharing will likely continue. The lawsuit
brought by the labels and studios contends that the defendants "are
capable of controlling the activities of their users and the infringing
digital files available through their network." Damages sought in the case
will likely be equal to the $150,000 per infringement sought by the RIAA
in its ongoing suit against Napster. "We cannot sit idly by while these
services continue to operate illegally, especially at a time when new
legitimate services are being launched," said RIAA CEO Hilary Rosen.

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