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call for submissions

the new soundtoys website project will soon be publishing a book and CD Rom
of works which explore the interaction between sound and image. in
particular, as the co-editor editor of the book i am looking for writers and
theorists who would be interested in contributing written articles on the
topic of łthe history of the interactive arts˛.

if you wish to submit or propose a piece please contact me. for other
contributions please contact soundtoys at the address below.


robert ovetz, co-editor

Soundtoys  Invite  for 2001...
NEW  festival  and presentation.  

Soundtoys are looking for artists, musicians who may want to contribute
interactive  web sound toys , and texts.  Soundtoys are  interested in
works  that explore  the  use  of  technology  to advance  audio visual
communication.   Soundtoys are  new audio  visual  experiences; and  this
includes  art toys, games, generative music,  interactive environments,
shockwave,  etcs.  Soundtoys  explores multimedia experiments and  the
parameters of this new media world.   The  aim  is to  push  the  current
definitions  of new  and  online  interactive  music  and  visually
inspired  audio  visual  systems.

Soundtoys fuses the new relationship between  music and interactivity and
allows the audience some control  in the perception of the music. This
change in the relationship between the audience and the artist will
radically change our aesthetic perception  and  attitude  to music  and
sound.  The user is  able to choose what they experience. Soundtoys can
exist  as art, toys,  generative music, interactive environments,
shockwaves, environments etc.

Many web technologies  are  explored  including  shockwave,  flash,  vrml,
java, and  the   soundtoys site offer  insights  into the  diversive  and
creative  nature  of  the  web  available  to todays  artists.

This invitation is open to artists,  digital musicians,  and creative
programmers  and writers. We are looking for artists, musicians  who want to
contribute sound toys, and texts for the planned book. As well as exposure
through this website the work will be promoted worldwide at festivals and

The    soundtoys site  has  already been  reviewed  in the  Independent,
some  was   shown  on  national  tv  and  it  is  Sonify's  site  of  the

Soundtoys    already  features  these  artists....


Send your files, cdroms, info, texts, and pictures to  

AND  fill  out  the  online  form  and  send  large  files  by  post.. 

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