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[Nettime-nl] Genua update

>From http://www.indymedia.org/ :

Brutal Police Assault On Building Opposite IMC Leaves 20
Seriously Wounded

update 0:47 GMT July 22:

Police entered the Radio Gap studio and the Italy IMC. Tear
gas was fired around the IMC as the police broken into the
center. Police batton charged inside the IMC. A reporter
from IMC-UK, who is inside the center, is reporting that
there are 10 injured people inside the IMC, three of whom
were taken away by ambulance. Some computers monitors were
broken by the police. Those inside the center are requesting
that people contact media and governments to dennounce the
activities of the Italian police. Outside the media center,
there have been reports that many people have been beaten.
As of 0:48 GMT, police have left the building. Reports have
come in that police have been confiscating video tapes of
people filming outside the imc. Listen to the police raid
(it). Police are claiming that they found "black bloc"
outfits inside of the IMC, justifying their raid.

And then:

update 1:20 GMT July 22:

Cell phone reports are keeping us updated with events from
Genova. An hour ago, POLICE STORMED the building that hosted
the IMC with tear gas and batons, and the building opposite
that hosted other GSF groups. About ten people escaped from
windows. The police held people and took IDs. According to
the medics on the scene, there have been approximately 20
seriously injured people from police violence. Corporate
media have been reporting 3 person dead, but those reports
have NOT been confirmed, and medics said this was not true.

The school opposite the IMC building was where the worst
police violence occured. Floors are covered in blood. Police
assault lasted over 45 minutes. Several people have been
carried out in black bags. The people in the street where
chanting en masse "fascist" and "bastardo". The wounded were
carried out on strechers continuously and taken to
ambulances that arrived with the police. Police sealed off
street by surprise and a helicopter remained low overhead
like a military operation. A temporary hospital was set up
on the 1st floor of the IMC building to treat wounded.

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