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[Nettime-nl] Taiwanese curator Manray Hsu in Amsterdam

From: "Gate Foundation" <>
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2001 6:25 PM
Subject: Uitnodiging

Amsterdam, June 15. 2001

Re: invitation for two lectures by Manray Hsu, co-curator of
The 2000 Taipei Biennial, The Sky is the limit

The Director of the Gate Foundation would like to invite you to two lectures
by Manray Hsu on Friday, June 29., 2001.
The location is Keizersgracht 613, Amsterdam.

Manray Hsu is an independent art critic and curator based in Taipei
(Taiwan). He was co-curator (with Jerome Sanse) of the 2000 Taipei Biennial,
The Sky is the Limit, centred in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. He is the
second guest to speak in the series Biennial Talks, organised by the Gate
Foundation, on the phenomenon of the international Biennials.

3.00 p.m. admission
3.30 p.m. I. Contemporary Art in Taiwan since the 1990s
8.00 p.m. II. The 2000 Taipei Biennial, The Sky is the Limit
and the Biennial Phenomenon

For reservations contact the Gate Foundation.
Please mention which of the lectures you wish to visit: Manray Hsu lecture I
/ II or both.

Wednesday to Friday 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Tel.: 020 6208057
Fax: 020 6390762

For more information and a more elaborate CV, contact the Gate Foundation or
visit one of the following web sites:


About the series Biennial Talks
Biennial Talks is a series of lectures, organised by the Gate Foundation, on
the phenomenon of the international Biennials. The Gate Foundation invites
(artistic) directors and curators to speak on the phenomenon, as well the
concept of their own Biennials. The result is a melange of reflection and
information, the history of the phenomenon, and the search for the art of
the future.

Biennials are described as a new cultural and artistic phenomenon in the
international art world. It is a fact that in the eighties and nineties
several countries showed a growing interest for this specific form of art
exhibition. The increase of this type of exhibitions has drawn attention to
various western and non-western cultural artistic productions. It creates
diversity in the art world and shows the quality standards of different
cultures. The series is meant to bring different voices to the arena of the
art world.

About Manray Hsu
Manray Hsu is an independent art critic and curator based in Taipei. He has
a PhD. Candidate in Aesthetics from the Department of Philosophy at Columbia
University New York and is a regular contributor to Art Asia-Pacific, Flash
Art and major art magazines in China. See for his

About The 2000 Taipei Biennial
The 2000 Taipei Biennial; The Sky is the limit, took place in the Taipei
Fine Arts Museum from September 9. 2000 to January 7. 2001. In the press
release distributed on behalf of the Taipei Biennial is written: The 2000
Taipei Biennial, The Sky is the limit is an open dialogue between the two
curators Jerome Sanse (France) and Manray Hsu (Taiwan). This exhibition aims
to construct a forum of collective experiences among artists and audience
alike. Instead of producing a spectacular mega-exhibition, Taipei Biennial
2000 insists on its "human scale" dimensions by including approximately
thirty international artists from more than twenty countries. The goal is to
relocate the biennial in the place where it happens and to create a lab
where actions and fantasies can be put into experimentation. The idea is to
present the exhibition as a site of "living experience."

Web sites:

Selection of literature present at the Gate Foundation Library:
1998Taipei Biennial, Site of Desire, catalogue
The Sky is the limit, Taipei Biennial 2000, Rhana Devenport, in:
Art Asia Pacific, issue 30, 2001, page 20-22.


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