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[Nettime-nl] DEAF_00: "THE LAST ROADTRIP!"


Opening: 14 th of november @ 19:00 hrs > till midnight

Hello people,

We hereby invite you to experience "THE LAST ROADTRIP" a new nightmare
scenario by Dutchy Arno Coenen. Using a laptop as a 3D-sketchbook Arno
modelled a 'Digital Road Movie' while driving down the trash littered roads
of West Coast America. This satirical report projected on the windshields
of a (real!) PICK-UP-TRUCK is the poisonous counterpoint in the
installation presented in mama.

Is this ketchup that we see in the rear-mirror? or is this blood from our
grease filled veins? The Last Roadtrip simulates a hallucinogenic drive
through the Far West. Equally tasteless and colourful.  Symbols of the
America's lowest: white trash, Ronald Mc D., suburb paranoia, domestic
violence. The hypnotic soundtrack by DJ Dione completes this sensational
the last Roadtrip is part of the interactive exhibition of DEAF_00, Dutch
Electronic Art Festival/ MAMA is open: 14-26 november 2000/ Tuesday -
Sunday: 13:00- 20:00/ on Friday 13:00- 21:00 (extra late DEAF_hours!) Arno
coenen: In American culture the car seems to be the ultimate escape. In
road-movies you see that the moment people get into cars they go mad, the
strangest things start to MAMA/showroom for media and moving
art/ witte de withstraat 31/ Rotterdam. DEAF_00 on various locations: V2,
Lantaren/Venster, Now&Wow, 
more info festival: V2 + 31-(0)10- 206 72 77 more
info mama: + 31-(0)10- 4330695 (mama)/ mama@ /

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