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[Nettime-nl] maastricht mcluhan instituut: conferentie over digitaal cultureel erfgoed (11-14 juli, 2001)

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:19:42 +0100
From: Alana Henry <>

11 -  14 July 2001, Maastricht


All over the world, the titles and contents of the great libraries,
museums, art galleries and archives are becoming available on-line.
While interoperable, technological standards are emerging, problems
of interoperable applications, tools, interfaces and usability remain.

The Maastricht McLuhan Institute (MMI) was set up to study and develop
methods for knowledge organisation and knowledge management in a
digital, distributed, multimedia world.  The aim of the MMI is to
create comprehensive strategies for searching, structuring, using
and presenting digital resources more coherently and efficiently; to
integrate past knowledge and to produce ordered knowledge that leads
to new understanding and insights.

This year's seminar is concerned with integrating developments in
finding aids (virtual reference rooms) with innovations in text and
other analysis tools which will allow the most varied and rich access
to cultural and historical information and knowledge.  Following on
from the experience gained in the last two cycles which focused on
implications of digitalisation (1999) and interoperability of content
(2000), this seminar will continue to explore how multimedia is
transforming learning, knowledge organisation and knowledge management
and will focus on archives.

The cycle of attention given to all three kinds of memory institutions
(museum, library, archive) is conceived to be a building and
integrative process.  The seminar provides an opportunity to gain
exposure to the most recent developments in cultural heritage science
and to interact with other professionals who share similar concerns.

The conference will be limited to a maximum of fifty persons, with
speakers and discussions in the morning and small workshops with a
maximum of fifteen in the afternoons.  A general foundation will be
laid in the opening session by the Scientific Director of the MMI,
Kim Veltman.  This will be followed by treatment of finding aids
and analysis tools, as they are used or projected for archives and
other memory institutions.  Among others, speakers will include Peter
Horsman from the Archival School in Amsterdam, Manfred Thaller from
the University of Cologne and author or KLEIO, Michele Paoli from
the Information Research Center on Culture, Pisa, and Pat Young of
the Cultural Heritage Information Network, Canada.  On the last day
a synthesis of the different topics will be offered by experts who
will take a broader perspective on cultural heritage preservation
and access.  The afternoon discussion groups will be divided among
those interests relevant to the current work of those in attendance.
All seminars, presentations and debates will be in English.

The seminar will take place at the Maastricht McLuhan Institute, Grote
Gracht 82, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Application & Registration
The application fee of NLG 1500 (Euro 681) includes access to the
complete programme, daily lunches and refreshments, and admission
to the cultural evening programme of the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer
University.  For more information including application procedures,
please contact Alana Henry,, Amsterdam Maastricht
Summer University, P.O. Box 53066, 1007 RB, Amsterdam, the
Netherlands, tel: +31 20 620 0225, fax.: +31 20 6249368.  Information
will also be available on our website: after January,

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