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[Nettime-nl] The Container a Berlin Travelog

Foundation By The Way presents : The Container

In the month of August 10 international artists will meet and work together
in Berlin. During this month they will develop a collective travelog: The
Influenced by the city the individual artists will collect ideas,
impressions and/or other material daily. Visit our website
This website functions as a container for this material and forms a log
that is the common thread for a joint workprocess.
Also a series of projects will take place in the city. Small happenings
will occur in the public space and once a week video´s will be broadcast on
local television
Offener Kanal Berlin 4, 11, 18 and 25 aug.
from 12:00 - 01:00 am.
Thanks to P.A.R.K. 4DTV.

At the end of themonth, a final presentation will take place in
Künstlerhaus Bethanien.
It will show the outcome of this period.

Chris Baaten (1964, NL) Performance
Gilbert van Drunen (1967, NL) Ceramics
Martin Fasting (1967, DK) Painting
Sander Haccou (1970, NL) Collage
Rein Hazewinkel (1969, NL) Documentary
Remy Jungerman (1959, S) Installation
Gabriëlle Marks (1965, NL) Graphic Design
Aldje van Meer (1971, NL) Multi Media
Jeroen Kooijmans (1967, NL) Video
Stefan Kreysler (1965, D) Installations

Presentation of The Container in Künstlerhaus Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
Press presentation : 25. August 17:00
Opening : 25. August 2000, 18:00 / 22:00
Exhibition : 26. August 2000, 12:00 / 22:00

Stefan Kreysler, tel. : 0049 30 55487192   (e-mail :
Sander Haccou, tel : 0049 30 4415359   (e-mail :

About Foundation By The Way

Foundation By The Way was founded in 1995 and consists of a group of
artists (Roy Cerpac, Elspeth Diederix, Sander Haccou and Jeroen Kooijmans).
They initiate projects, individually or together, and depending on the
nature of the project, they involve other artists. The projects of By the
way take place at different locations and mostly abroad. The projects
involve a working period and a presentation and usually it brings artists
together from different disciplines. All the projects include travelling,
not necessarily far, but the location will always be "new" for the
participating artists.

A working period and presentation on the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel,
with the car as a starting point for an exhibition.

A/C DE LUXE / 1997
A project of Elspeth Diederix and Jeroen Kooijmans i.c.w. three Dutch
artists of the ICCD (International Centre for Cultural Development) in
Trivandrum India. The artist worked for a month. They started this working
-period with an exhibition of 24 hours in the Mascott Hotel. The final
outcome was a publication, a poster/catalogue.

The project took place in 'Under Dubbelsbro', Copenhagen. An industrial
building between rail roads and highways close to the centre of Copenhagen.
This building and the city itself inspired the artists for their work,
which in the end resulted in an exhibition. A catalogue was made at the end
of this project.

A group of artists made work, while travelling to the north of Norway.
Their work was presented in the Tromsĝ Art Society. They decided to make
new works and to experiment while travelling.This resulted in an intensive
working period with a lot of cooperation.

O SOLO MIO / 2000
A group of artists went to see the solar eclipse on the 11th of August
1999. They documented their experiences of the eclipse , in foto's, video's
and sound. The presentation of these works took place on May 12th 2000 in
W139 in Amsterdam.
A catalogue was made at the end of this project.

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