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[Nettime-nl] PR001 || MAINFRAME LAUNCHES


Mainframe [] has started trading as a creative
production house specialising in conceptual design and implementation
services for broadcast and broadband.

Mainframe provides new creative talent, TV production experience and
in-depth technical knowledge for its growing client list which already
includes: Sony, Microsoft, Cartoon Network,, Radio One, BBC
1, Wideyes, ICA, Dazed & Confused, Pussyfoot Records and Ninja Tune.

Mainframe offers two core services:

Mainframe:Moving Image produce and directs innovative motion graphics and
live action sequences for commercials and on-air promotion. Recent work
includes commercials for Radio One and Wideyes, broadband design for and title sequences for BBC Horizon.

Mainframe:Tech provides a complete end-to-end broadband production service.
Recent work includes the design of a media management application for, broadband implementation for Cartoon Network and the
provision of multi-bitrate and multi-format webcasting services for Howie
B's European tour.

If you would like a copy of our latest showreel, please call Adam Jenns on
+44(0)20 7739 9311
or visit: to process your request online.


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