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[nettime-lat] FW: ***AM-PM*** video-installation

MIssion Cultural Center For Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street, San Francisco
October 9 - 13 / last week
10 am - 5,30 pm
$ 2

"Day and night give us different sensations. Time is untouchable and even
though we have watches or clocks, it is not measurable. It is only an idea
in our minds, something that helps us organize, live and remember.
150 people sent us e-mails telling their favorite time of the day and the
word that represents their sensation. Those words and 29 TV monitors being
donated by enthusiastic people helped us to develop this project.
Some TV's recovered from garbage showed us the possibilities of the damage,
its expression. We used their defects as effects of visual art. Time
effects on the objects remind us of the possibility to create images
recycling an obsolete technology".

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