Terrence J Kosick on Mon, 20 Dec 1999 15:23:06 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> [net\.]art(history|definition) [feigl, baumgaertel, future]

Terrence writes;

There seems many more people are involved now. That will make it all the more
vital by bringing more minds together. How that will change and evolve remains to
be seen. It will be intriguing to compare and perhaps see some sort of telos of a
shifting to a communication perhaps more theatrical and even timeless in form. I
am looking forward to seeing the links that collapse network time from then to
here and now. The separation of time and distance has been too convenient
controlling and thus disconcerting. History never fixed always evolving taking on
things from the past not to be forgotten whist they shape the future. Ah network


> he means of distribution...
> <...>
> > if work is intended for flexible delivery over a global network with its
> > unique download rthythm its net.art, anything intended for distribution on
> > cdrom has a completely different intent, architecture and mode of
> > production.  the definition is in the intention and the expereince.  a few
> > years ago i remember asking Tiia Johansen from Estonia about why she was
> > putting up huge single images as web works, when all i was interrested in
> > was making tiny files for fast delivery, and her reply (made even more
> > dramatic by her fabulous accent) was " i like to make them wait."
> >
> > For me it is that wait... the delivery space, - the gap - , the
> > possibilities contained within the gap, and the expereience of that gap
> > which are the defining characteristics of net.art.
> So this suggests that the categorization of the (net.)art work is dependent
> upon the intentions of the user, whether they want to exploit the properties
> of the net as a communications system or as a distribution system or whatever.
> But then their intentions are dependent upon the particular qualities of the
> Net that they perceive as important anyway, so we must conclude that all art
> that is deliberately put on the net is net.art.
> The challenge is then to find some art on the net which isn't net.art (isn't
> it?). Perhaps this would be art that was just accidentally put on the net, or
> just temporarily while you were thinking of where else it should go (like
> leaving things in a pile on the edge of the sofa because your shelves are full
> up and the tea's ready). Perhaps this would be called default.art.
>  the fun continues...

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