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<nettime> re: Tilman-RFC #1: net art history 1993 - 1996

I responded to Tilman's request for information regarding art on line projects
between 1993-1996.

I was shocked by his innapropriately arrogant and pugnacious response:

Here it is:

Dooley Le Cappellaine responds to Tillman's request:

 I made some trail sites during 1995 and put one up early/mid 1996.

>At 15:12 15.11.99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hello Tillman,
>>I am an artist and curator.
>>From 1988-94 I ran a gallery of cutting edge contemporary art in SoHo New
>>During 1994 I got very interested in new media and decided to close my
>>galley in order to focus on my work in this new medium.
>>From late 1994 through September 1996 I worked on a CD Rom and website.
>>The CD Rom was titled "Technophobia" and is an interactive exhibition of
>>artists making artworks in New Media. I thought at the time I would produce
>>CD Rom exhibitions the way I had presented real exhibitions in a gallery.
>>I saw a few really Horrible on-line gallery sites and decided to
>>concentrate on work that used New Media as an Art Medium rather than an
>>archival or electronic catalog.
>>Learning the progammes and buying the hardware that were necessary to
>>realize MY plans and to realize the  artists' projects for CD Rom, was a
>>huge investment of time and money.
>>Also the website had to be totally made from scratch as the material from
>>the CD Rom was far too high in file size to present on the web.
>>So the website: Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery; became an exhibtion site for
>>the artists on "Technophobia".
>>It was the first exhibition on the site and has been remade/upgraded
>>countless times as my skills and the possibilities of the web expanded.
>So when did that go online exactly?
>>In late 1995 I met Wolfgang Staehle of "The Thing". I knew he'd exhibited a
>>version of "the thing' as an art work at TZ Gallery in New York (through
>>Tom Zollner) and I was intrigued.
>>I think it can accurately be said that Wolfgang was the the first person in
>>the "artworld" in New York at that time to be seriously exploring what for
>>the moment is being called "New Media".
>I know all that.
>>However at that time it was shockingly primative; just people exchanging
>>typed- out text messages: not much more that a crystal radio set.
>>When I was inviting artists to participate in "Technophobia" I talked to
>>Wolfgang again; "The thing" had really morphed from an artwork into a
>>"the Thing" became the ISP for my gallery at
>As I said, i need the date.
My Response: I sent Tillman an approximate date : early 1996.

 Also I telephoned my server: to get the exact date my site went
on line and received no reply.

My Response:

I recall the approximate time I put my first announced site up to be early
and e-mail Tilman, with the information it can be corabborated by records
at Thing .net.
No response from Tilman,
but his posting at nettime eliminating me from his survey, appears on this

I go through my American Express accounts and find I was paying for my
site/space from March 1996.
Dooley Le Cappellaine
Phone and Fax (212) 966-3046

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