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<nettime> Re: olia lialina: Re:art.hacktivism

> OL: Are you really familiar with net art or net in general? if yes you
> should know that copying is not a big deal. You can make hundreds of
> Art.Teleportacia galleries, but next day they will be only hundreds of
> outdated pages with not actual information and broken links, because I
> will update only http://art.teleportacia.org .. The same with all on line
> art and not art works. What is done on the net is not a book or cd or tape
> kind of product. It is not complete, not frosen, but can be changed every

Counter-question: Are you really familiar with the net in general and net
servers in particular? On any Unix-like server, it's quite easy to set up
a cron job that mirrors http://art.teleportacia.org every one hour or even
every five minutes if you like. 

To do so would be easy at least for the time being, given that most net
art, in its focus on surfaces and user interfaces, runs entirely inside
the client (browser) and rarely relies on server-side programmation or
database backends. 

I propose to use this technical observation for a critique of net art in
its current state. 


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