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<nettime> you no longer have to see

"It's been one of those weeks where the real-life happenings, the stuff of
the present, the real human beings perched before me, fizzling their atoms
in dynamic play against the screen of time, have been nothing but hackety,
tepid suckwater bores -- and practically inanimate compared to the books
I've been reading, which have taken on a far more demanding vibrancy and a
thicker presence of immediate human feeling." 

Politics is perception. 

"After dinner, when he and I were alone in the kitchen washing dishes, he
said we should stay up all night and talk about important stuff. He said
psychosis is the inability to discern between reality and fantasy, and the
aim of technology is to recreate and control reality, so its ultimate goal
is mass psychosis." 

P litics is percepti n. 

"Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you E," says Anne, a raver
and user. She is a 20-year-old college student who has used E more than
100 times since she was 14. 

At 20, Anne says she's still young and if there's ever a time to take
risks, it's now. She also has a ready plan for what to do if she does end
up experiencing brain damage: "I don't buy into it -- that we're the next
generation of brain-damaged adults. If I get to be that way, I'll just
take some Prozac. This day and age is insane, there are so many drugs you
can take for almost anything. I'm not too concerned." 

P litics is p rc pti n. 

"Time spent watching television was negatively related to writing ability. 
Students who watched 6 or more hours of television a day were less
proficient writers than were students who viewed less television." 

P l t cs s p rc pt n. 

"Even low levels of light can penetrate the eyelids during sleep, keeping
the eyes working when they should be at rest." 

P l cs s p rc p n. 

"As soon as someone begins to flame you, click on the abuser's name, then
click on the 'ignore' option. You no longer have to see their comments." 

  l   cs  s   rc     n.

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