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<nettime> Re: My Goodness...

Jamie Shea is brilliant at representing precisely what he is- the front of a
war machine.   His dedication to his career is noble and admirable in
proportion to Valery Granchers.   I have collected some of this mans genius
remarks into what I call the Tao of Shea.   I've included corresponding links
for accuracy. If anyone has any other quotes from the legendary NATO
leadership, I say we collect them and print a book. 

"This force ... will speak softly,
by which I mean that it will be
 friendly to everybody ... but it
will have very sharp teeth as well
as very big teeth if anybody
should try to oppose it carrying
out its mandate or to threaten its

"Everybody agrees that the air 
campaign has to run its course
until such time as those Serb forces 
are degraded, diminished, demoralized
and on their way out."

"No government has asked 
NATO to change its current 
strategy, including its targeting policy." 

-On why targeting strategies had not been changed after the bombing of 
a hospital in Belgrade.

"Now as all of you know, what we want is to use the crisis in Kosovo, as tragic
as it has been, in an ultimately constructive way, not just for Yugoslavia, not
just for Kosovo but for the region as a whole, in other words to use this as a
turning point in constructing a new regional co-operative framework in south
eastern Europe..."

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