Meiko And Ryu on Wed, 26 May 1999 18:40:23 +0200 (CEST)

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--- anon <sum1@XXX.XXX> wrote:
> Hello, Meiko & Ryu -
>  Now I'm confused. Did you write your very funny
> (and mostly true) message about guns, the U.S., and
> G.W. Bush Jr. *only* to get posted on <nettime>, or
> because you'd actually like to stop us from shooting
> each other all the time? Please post a reply to
> nettime (I'm hiding right now).

Meiko and Ryu have firm policy for NETTIME PONG to
keep fair: No posting specifical for get post!

We wish to make fun time nettime PONG, so we no try to
bother mr. t byfield with post without feel relevant
for post! This way no one have argue that meiko and
ryu are off topic, spam, or other!!!!

Meiko and Ryu believe strong against censorship of all
kind!!! Believe that open discussion of censor is very
important!!!! Also know that no one enjoy to think
unless to laugh!!! So meiko and Ryu try for make funny
time on nettime!!!!!

If B92 cannot broadcast against Yugoslav government
for wish of anti propaganda and is bad thing, why
cannot meiko and ryu post anti propaganda for nettime
list? Is not double standard for nettime?!?!?!

Oh shit! We very serious here! Quick Meiko, make fart



Even FART is 3/4 art we like to say!!!!! 


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