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<nettime> Urgent: major errors in your story

     [orig to <>]

Yesterday morning, you broadcast a story about our site,,
and stated that our site passed visitors directly through to porn sites. (This
was related to us by reliable sources.)

If it is true your story stated this, you are dupes of the Bush campaign's
lawyer. The only pictures that "promote violence and degrade women" (his
phrase, as in are a Diesel ad, at . There are of course no links whatsoever to any
porn sites, unless is such a site. The Bush campaign has
attempted to promulgate this lie before, but this is their greatest success at
it. To trust the Bush campaign on this and not even ask us to respond is shoddy
journalism indeed, and reprehensible.

If it is true your story stated this, Bush's campaign has now lied to the press
in an egregious way twice. The first lie was exposed in today's New York Times
article, ,
ninth paragraph. The current lie, that traffics in porn, will
equally backfire on the Bush campaign, and, unless you rectify it immediately,
on NPR as well.

I admit we are relying on secondhand knowledge. Please provide us with a link
to the story in question, either in RealAudio or text transcript. If we are
wrong, please accept our apologies. If we are right, we must insist on an
immediate and full correction on the program in question. 

Best wishes,
Roy and Liz
Your efforts redeemed

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