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                          The Jerry Springer Show

                      "I Want to Join a Suicide Cult"

                              August 11, 1997

Audience: (In unison) Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Springer: Thank you.
Audience: (In unison) Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Springer: Thank you very much.
Audience: (In unison) Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Springer: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much.
Welcome to the show.
What would you do--what would you do if the person you loved told you that
they wanted to join a cult that supports suicide, cannibalism and even
eating the flesh of aborted babies?
Well, in a moment we're going to meet a woman who actually says she wants
to join this cult. But first, let's meet the founders, Reverend Chris
Korda, Pastor Kim and Vermin X.
Give me four things that you believe in. What are the basic tenets of your
Rev. Chris Korda (Leader of the Church of Euthanasia; Wants People to Kill
Themselves): We're going to s--we're going to get to the four pillars of
the Church of Euthanasia. You already know what they are. They're suicide,
abortion, cannibalism and sodomy.
Springer: Well, tell me--yeah, what is it? Wait a second, say that again.
Rev. Korda: Suicide...
Vermin X: Suicide...
Rev. Korda: ...abortion...
Vermin X: ...abortion...
Rev. Korda: ...cannibalism...
Vermin X: ...cannibalism...
Rev. Korda: ...and sodomy.
Vermin X: ...and sodomy.
Rev. Korda: That's right. And we're going to explain every one of them in
great detail here.
Springer: And this is--this is a faith? This is--this...
Vermin X: Sodomy and cannibalism.
Rev. Korda: This is--this is an organized religion, OK?
Springer: And this has to do with environmentalism?
Rev. Korda: Yes, it does, and we're going to explain it in great detail.
Vermin X: It sure does.
Springer: This--this isn't recycling cans, you're talking about suicide.
Rev. Korda: That's right, and it's funny you should mention that.
Vermin X: Recycling humans.
Rev. Korda: ...it's funny you should mention that, OK?
Springer: OK, look what you said on the air. This is what you said--I'm
quoting you--Reverend, this is what you said...
Rev. Korda: OK, Jerry, listen to me.
Springer: ...on the air--you said this in LA in a radio address--and I'm
quoting: "If you are depressed or ill or feel burdened by today's world
problems, let me suggest a way to give your life new meaning: Kill
That g--"Do it now, if you have a gun, razor, whatever."
You're telling me--OK--you're telling me that's going to make the...
Rev. Korda: We're talk--listen to me, Jerry--Jerry, we're talking about an
all-out industrial assault on the planet in the last 400 years.
Springer: How does that give your life new meaning if you take your life?
There's no meaning, then.
Rev. Korda: OK, let's--let's talk a little bit about this. OK, w--I want to
ask you something, Jerry--I want to ask you something: How many humans do
you think there are on the planet right now?
Springer: Two billion...
Rev. Korda: Give me a guess.
Springer: Two--between two, three billion.
Rev. Korda: You're not even close. There are six billion humans.
Springer: OK.
Rev. Korda: How long do you think it takes for the population to increase
by one million?
Springer: There's a--I forgot to count.
Rev. Korda: Come on, somebody give it to me. Is it a week? Is it a month?
Is it a day? How long to increase by one million?
Springer: Explain your can--so you think you're going to reduce the
population in the world by, one, preaching cannibalism, that we should all
go around eating each other? What are you, crazy? You are nuts.
Rev. Korda: The Church of Euthanasia...
Vermin X: ... (Unintelligible).
Rev. Korda: OK, I just want--if we're going to talk about...
Springer: You have--you have a brochure that says this...
Rev. Korda: Well, if we're going...
Springer: ...this is what your brochure says--and I'm not making this up;
I'm reading from your guide--it says: "This is a step-by-step guide on how
to break down the human body from full figure into serviceable choice cuts
of meat. A certain amount of fat is desirable..."
Rev. Korda: OK. Get the veal cow. Bring up the veal cow, OK?
Springer: "...as marbling to"--I mean...
Rev. Korda: OK, this is...
Springer: ...the manual gives specific instructions for body preparation,
hanging, bleeding, beheading, skinning, gutting. What--it's...
Rev. Korda: OK, this is a farming state, am I right?
Springer: You're what?
Rev. Korda: This is a farming state, so you all know what this is already,
right? This is a veal cow. This c--this animal lives its entire life in a
tiny pen, chained, unable to take a single step, force-fed.
Springer: You know what? Become a vegetarian.
Rev. Korda: You know something?
Springer: If you don't want to eat meat, don't eat meat.
Rev. Korda: OK.
Pastor Kim (Minister from the Church of Euthanasia): OK, that's it. Here,
take this. Jerry?
Springer: Yes?
Pastor Kim: In the last 300 years we've killed 300 species of animals. In
the next 100 years we're going to kill one-half of the remaining species of
animals. God did not make the world for man alone! We are not here to put
concrete and asphalt down on the whole surface of the Earth!
Springer: Yeah.
Pastor Kim: You believe in a chauvinistic world where man is the only
person who is allowed to determine life and death! God made all the
creatures on the Earth to express his joy! He did not make this world for
man alone!
Springer: You know what? OK, OK, OK. Have a seat. I will tell you to have a
seat. OK, I'm not--no one is suggesting to you that if you don't want to
kill animals you should. Fine, don't. Don't even--fine, don't...
Pastor Kim: We are going to kill one-half of the remaining species...
Springer: ...but don't go around suggesting...
Pastor Kim: ...in the next 100 years.
Springer: OK. I know. I understand.
Pastor Kim: All the rain forests will disappear.
Rev. Korda: You know, Jerry, I don't you--I--I...
Pastor Kim: Wake up, Jerry! This is it! It's now!
Springer: Relax. Relax. OK. All right.
Rev. Korda: Jerry, I don't think you're clear on the concepts here.
Springer: Hey, you know what? You know, if--if you don't want to go around
killing other animals, that's good. I respect that.
Pastor Kim: Everybody else is.
Springer: Hold on. Shh.
Pastor Kim: Six billion people are killing the animals!
Springer: OK.
Pastor Kim: We have to wake up and we have to make...
Springer: OK. So why is the answer...
Pastor Kim: ...we have to bring it to a halt now!
Springer: Shh. OK.
Pastor Kim: We only have 100 years.
Springer: Why is the answer--answer this question.
Rev. Korda: OK. You're...
Springer: Don't get so excited. Relax. Here's my question for him. Let...
Rev. Korda: Here we go. We're going to answer the question.
Springer: Here's my question for him: Why is it necessary, then--but why is
it necessary--y--you don't want to hurt the animals, I appreciate that--but
why is it necessary to fulfill your belief that y--y--people have to commit
suicide or human beings have to go around eating each other?
Rev. Korda: Here's the deal.
Springer: Cannibalism, why is that necessary?
Rev. Korda: Jerry, let me explain that.
Springer: If you don't want to kill animals, don't kill animals. But don't
kill people.
Rev. Korda: He--here's why, Jerry. Listen to me.
Springer: Hm.
Rev. Korda: Why? Hold on. Hold on. Why did I bring up the veal cow? Because
humans are cruel to animals? No. Because humans are animals. That's what
this is about. If we sit you down at a table and put pig flesh and human
flesh in front of you and blindfold you, you won't be able to tell the
difference, because flesh is flesh. Why don't you think about that the next
time you bite into your cheeseburger? We're talking about a massive system
of cruelty...
Springer: No. OK, but...
Rev. Korda: ...in which animals are exploited and destroyed.
Springer: ...no one is going to suggest to you...
Vermin X: Go ahead, take the blindfold challenge.
Rev. Korda: Yeah, take the blindfold challenge. You won't be able to tell
the difference, OK?
Springer: OK. Nobody is ever going to suggest to you that you have to go
around eating animals.
Rev. Korda: We are the veal, Jerry. I'm t--you think that's funny--you
think that's funny, but it's true. Listen to me. Listen to me, OK? It's not
just that. We're not just talking about that.
Springer: I'll be honest with you, except for Elsie, I've never seen a cow
in a dress.
Rev. Korda: That's cute.
Springer: Huh?
Rev. Korda: No, that's real cute. That--that's real cute. But the truth of
the matter is that we're not just talking about the humiliation and
degradation of animals; we're talking about the humiliation and degradation
of ourselves. I want you to take a look at yourself for a minute.
Springer: You don't think this is degrading, what you just said here in
Rev. Korda: You know what I think is degrading? I think humans being packed
into buses and trains and being forced to go to jobs where they have to
perform the same repetitive motions over and over again, day after day,
where their freedom of movement is restricted, where they are--where
they're forced to breathe conditioned air--I think that is--is--is
degrading, OK?
Springer: OK. OK.
Pastor Kim: How many of you work in cubicles?
Rev. Korda: How many of you work in cubicles?
Pastor Kim: How many of you work in cubicles? How many of you die every day
in a lousy cubicle with reconditioned air?
Rev. Korda: How many of you sit in traffic? Hello!
Springer: OK.
Rev. Korda: Are we t--are we talking about three and a half million people
in the city of Chicago?
Springer: All right, I--I grant it. OK. All right, hold on, Reverend.
Rev. Korda: OK? Are we talking about waiting?
Springer: ...you said that--wait--you're talking about degradation.
Rev. Korda: That's right.
Springer: Let's just talk about this: Why is this not degradation? You are
saying in your brochure, which you hand out to your followers or the people
you recruit, quote, "You need not bother skinning"--this is of a human
being now--"you need not bother skinning the hands and feet, these portions
not being worth the effort unless you plan to pickle them or use them in
soup. The skin can be disposed of or made into fried rinds. Boil the strips
and peel away the outer layer. They can..."
Rev. Korda: OK, hold on. Hold on, Jerry.
Springer: What the hell! You don't think this is degrading to human beings?
What's wrong with you?
Rev. Korda: Have you ever--Jerry--Jerry, have you ever killed anything?
Springer: What?
Rev. Korda: Have you ever killed anything?
Springer: Have I ever killed anything?
Rev. Korda: Yeah, have you ever killed anything?
Springer: N--I probably stepped on an ant as I'm walking down the street.
Rev. Korda: OK, have you ever killed anything and ate it?
Springer: I've--I've never gone hunting or...
Rev. Korda: Did you eat the ant?
Springer: The what?
Rev. Korda: Did you ever eat--did you eat the ant?
Springer: Not unless it was mistakenly in my burger.
Rev. Korda: OK. So have you ever killed anything for food, OK? But have you
ever killed anything for food?
Springer: I have eaten animals that have been killed.
Rev. Korda: No, have you ever killed anything?
Springer: Have I ever? No.
Rev. Korda: OK. Has anyone here ever killed anything for food? Raise your
hand if you've killed something and eaten it.
Springer: OK. Now--OK.
Rev. Korda: Oh, we got one hand. OK, I want to tell you something. That's
obscene. You--all think that's it's OK to just sit at--sit down in that
fast-food place...
Springer: Hey! Listen--listen...
Rev. Korda: ...and chow on that steak burger, but, listen, you've never
killed anything in your life.
Springer: ...how many times do we have to tell you this? If you don't want
to kill animals to eat...
Rev. Korda: No, it's not about that!
Springer: ...no one's going to argue with you! I'm telling you...
Vermin X: And if you don't want to eat human flesh, you don't...
Rev. Korda: You don't want to eat human flesh. You don't have to!
Springer: ...you don't go around killing people to eat.
Vermin X: You don't have to eat human flesh either!
Rev. Korda: You don't have to eat human flesh if you don't want to, Jerry,
Springer: Next, "Grace" says she wants to join this cult. Her ex-boyfriend
says he's shocked. He's here to make his plea and says he'll do anything it
takes to stop her. Will he succeed? We'll find out. Stay with us.
Springer: Welcome back. Thank you. Welcome back. We--if you just joined us,
we've been talking to this cult that believes in--they--they say they're an
environmental group, but they believe in cannibalism, they believe in
suicide, and--you know, pretty rough group.
Please welcome Grace to the show. She says she knows perfectly well what
she's getting into and still wants to join this cult. Here's Grace.
Why? Why--why would you want to j--I mean, you're--you're watching them.
Why would you want to join this?
Grace (Wants To Join the Church of Euthanasia): We're living in desperate
times right now. The overpopulation problem is extreme.
Springer: Don't have kids.
Grace: I'm not going to have kids.
Springer: OK.
You know, if you decide--if you decide you don't want to have children, you
don't have to join a cult for that. Just decide, "Nah, I don't think I'm
going to have children."
Grace: This is one of the only groups that is going out in public and
bringing up this issue. This is...
Springer: But they're bringing up the issue of cannibalism. They're
bringing up the issue of suicide.
Pastor Kim: If you're a Democrat, you don't just say, "Oh, I'm a Democrat."
You go out and poll.
Rev. Korda: That's right.
Pastor Kim: You get your opinion across. The Jerry Springer Show goes on
television and it's--goes to five million people every day to get ideas
across. That is our--our job. We are a federally recognized educational
foundation. We have--we have a purpose in life.
Springer: You are asking people to kill themselves. That's more than a
Pastor Kim: Go to the globe. What happened...
Springer: All right, let's take a look now...
Pastor Kim: People are killing themselves.
Springer: Grace, you're thinking of joining this group.
Grace: Yes.
Pastor Kim: Screwball.
Springer: Let's take a look at a video of them in action.
Rev. Korda: OK, look at the video.
Springer: Take a look at this.
(Excerpt from videotape)
Vermin X: Friends, God gives life and God takes it away, and that is why
God is in that clinic today, because it is God's will that these women have
abortions! It is God's will that these fetuses are aborted! It is God's
Today we hope to invoke the wisdom and justice of the sacred abortionist.
And in defense of women, we scoff at these hysterical Christians! That's
right, we scoff at you!
(End of excerpt)
Springer: All right, Grace, here is your boyfriend, "Chuck." Let's bring
Chuck out.
Chuck, what do you want to say to Grace? She wants to join this cult.
Chuck (Grace's Ex-lover; Doesn't Want Grace To Join A Suicide Cult): What
are you thinking of? I mean, it's like a--this is like a wall-to-wall
hoedown of the damned. I mean, golly!
Pastor Kim: People like Chuck disgust me.
Grace: Yeah, Chuck...
Pastor Kim: You know what people are doing to this world? This is the most
disgusting thing in the world (aims squirt bottle globe and squirts globe).
Grace: Listen, I want to tell you something about my relationship with
Springer: This is...
Pastor Kim: Our world is dying. Each one of you kill the world!
Chuck: Hey, hey, hey, you're going--you're going to mess up the rug. Put
that down.
Springer: OK.
Chuck: Put that down.
Springer: OK.
Chuck: Jiminy Christmas.
Pastor Kim: That's it, folks.
Grace: Chuck--Chuck, you're...
Springer: OK, wait a second. Don't you admit sh--don't you admit that they
are just looney tunes?
Chuck: You know, they...
Springer: Come on, be honest, Grace. Grace?
Grace: Jerry, you haven't let me get--none of you have let me get a word in
Springer: Let's hear from Grace.
Grace: I look out at all of you and you seem like looney tunes to me. Don't
you see what is going on in the world? Don't you see how overpopulated it
is? Don't you see there's something wrong?
Chuck: Ye--yes, but...
Grace: They're the only people saying something about it.
Springer: Wait--wait a second! Well then, fine--fine, if you think the
world--I'll say it again--if you think the world's overpopulated, then
don't have children, but why preach suicide? Why preach cannibalism?
Pastor Kim: Because everybody else--everybody else...
Springer: What the hell's wrong with you?
Pastor Kim: In 100 years100 years...
Grace: Jerry?
Pastor Kim: ...all the species in the world are going to die. They will
never be recovered! In 100 years! It's not enough just for a few casual
people--decide not to have children.
Grace: Part of what's going on here is a twist has been put on the message
of the church. The church has one commandment: Thou shalt not procreate. I
am here...
Rev. Korda: Thou shalt not procreate!
Grace: So take that--at is...
(Unintelligible and censored comments from panelists)
Springer: OK. Grace, in fairness, if that is all you guys were saying, you
wouldn't even be on the show because that wouldn't be a major issue and
people would be agreeing with you.
Rev. Korda: That's right. And isn't that interesting, Jerry?
Grace: Wait. You got it. Jerry, that's exactly it, Jerry!
Springer: But that's not all that you're saying. That's...
Grace: That's exactly it! People will not pay attention to this.
Vermin X: This is you guys. Hello!
Springer: Because he goes on...
Rev. Korda: This is you guys.
Springer: All right, have a seat. Shh. Shh.
Vermin X: Toys 'R' Us. Hello!
Chuck: Holy...
Springer: OK. All right. All right.
Vermin X: This is you guys--consumers.
Grace: Jerry, we are in such desperate times, and what you said is exactly
truer People have never heard of the overpopulation issue.
Springer: They're not going to listen to them if they're talking such crap
as cannibalism!
Rev. Korda: You're listening! You're listening right now! You're listening!
You're here!
Springer: Up next, Grace will make a final decision as to whether or
not--What? Up next, Grace...
Audience: (In unison) Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Springer: All right. OK, up next, Grace will make a final decision as to
whether or not she's going to join the cult. Please stay with us.
Springer: Welcome back. Thank you. Today we're talking with a woman who
wants to join a suicide cannibal cult.
Chuck, first let me ask you, what will you do if Grace follows through with
Chuck: Well, I'll I--I think I'm going to lose a lot of respect that I once
had for her when we were going out.
Springer: You--you t--OK--you two--wait a second--you two used to be
boyfriend and girlfriend, were you not?
Chuck: Yes. Yes, we were.
Springer: OK. Why did you break up?
Chuck: Well, the--there's a lot of pressure--I--I mean, I w--I want
children. I'd like to have a--a kid of my own, someone to play ball with or
something, you know? And...
Rev. Korda: Why don't you adopt? Why don't you adopt?
Chuck: No, you--you--you...
Rev. Korda: You know how many children there are on this planet?
Grace: Exactly.
Chuck: Because, you know, when I get something, I like to know where...
(Vermin X holds doll and shakes it at Chuck)
Springer: Stop playing with dolls.
Chuck: Put that down! Jiminy...
Vermin X: That's what--is that what you want?
Chuck: Put that down.
Springer: All right. You're sick. Shh. Shh.
Grace: Listen, Jerry, I'll tell you one thing about this guy. He didn't
like condoms. You know, I told him...
Rev. Korda: Oh, you don't like condoms, either. That's good, very good.
Grace: Yeah, no kidding.
Springer: All right, do you want--do you want her...
Grace: No kidding. He always wanted to...
Springer: OK, you guys, quiet. I just want to talk to you two for a second.
Chuck: Yes.
Springer: You c--you called--you said to our producers...
Chuck: Mm-hmm.
Springer: ...that you wanted to try to get her back, that you broke up with
her because she didn't want anything--to have anything to do with children.
Chuck: No, none whatsoever.
Springer: If you love her, you want her back, you talk to her now. Because
all you're talking about now is...
Pastor Kim: Remember this, guys?
Springer: OK, all you're talking about now is--is, you know, what kind of
firm is going to promote the cause.
Chuck: Yeah, I know, and I...
Springer: If you love this woman, this is nothing to do with firms. Go for
Chuck: I know. I--well, i--it's a matter of getting in with the wrong
people. I mean, I really...
Pastor Kim: You love her? You really love her?
Chuck: Put the hanger down!
Grace: Listen--listen, if you loved me, you would have used condoms.
Chuck: Well, you used birth control.
Grace: Right, birth control--all the burden of the woman, every last bit!
Pastor Kim: We have condoms for everybody.
Rev. Korda: Condoms! Condoms!
Pastor Kim: Condoms! Condoms!
Grace: Except for--except for the--the--a vasectomy. Every time you had to
use a condom, you whined, you pouted, and then when I brought up the issue
of vasectomy, you just, like, got mad at me. You thought I was crazy then.
Chuck: Well, the...
Grace: Now if you're not willing to use condoms...
Chuck: Put that down!
Grace: ...how can you say that you loved me? You were so irresponsible.
Just like everybody else...
Chuck: Yeah, well...
Grace: ...you put the responsibility for all the birth control on the
Chuck: ...because I--I was b--I was being monogamous to you, I didn't think
we would need a condom if we had...
Grace: Yeah, and if I got pregnant?
Chuck: Well, then, why did...
Grace: Oh, I would just have your child. My choice had nothing to do with
Chuck: You were taking birth control. Why didn't you use a female condom?
Grace: I was not--I was not taking b...
Springer: All right. OK, OK, let--OK, I understand.
Chuck: I'm sorry.
Springer: Let's get away from that, then.
Chuck: All right.
Springer: A woman can very well make the decision, either, one, I choose
not to have children; two, I'm not going to bear the sole responsibility of
not having children, the man has to wear the condom. Those are all woman
decisions to make.
Pastor Kim: Social pressures force them to have it.
Springer: However, why do you have to join a cult that preaches suicide and
cannibalism to have that view? Why?
Grace: Jerry, I'm joining a cult--if you'd call it a cult--I'm joining an
educational organization whose...
Pastor Kim: Jerry, you belong to a cult of normals! These are all your
normal zombies! Everybody agrees with you!
Springer: You want this man to--you want this man to educate you?
Pastor Kim: Normals! Normals! The world's going to die...
Springer: Wait. Wait.
Pastor Kim: ...and then you guys are going to cheer!
Chuck: Come on!
Pastor Kim: Nothing's going to be left! Gone!
Grace: Listen, all of you! I'm getting a little bit...
Pastor Kim: It's a black world, a world of nothing but death!
Chuck: Sit down! (Censored)
Grace: I'm getting a little tired of having people imply that I cannot
think for myself. I'm a little tired of having you imply that they're
controlling my mind, and I'm tired of hearing it from you, too. This is my
decision. This is an issue I care about.
Rev. Korda: That's right. That's right. That's right. Because this is about
Springer: If--if it is not just your decision...
Pastor Kim: This is a man telling a woman what to do!
Rev. Korda: That's right, this is about female empowerment!
Chuck: Then what are you?
Rev. Korda: This is about...
Pastor Kim: You're a man, too, remember?
Chuck: Huzzah!
(Unintelligible comments from panelists)
Rev. Korda: OK--OK, I'm a man in a dress and I'm going to tell you what to
do. OK.
Springer: You're a man?
Rev. Korda: Sure I am. You'd better believe it. I'm transgendered. That's
right. That's right.
Chuck: Oh, man.
Rev. Korda: Oh, you d--oh, you don't like that, OK? Well, I'm transgendered
because being transgendered is part of balance, and that's what we're here
for, is to balance humans with the other species on the planet. And this
(censored) female power, OK? Because this woman is a goddess, and what does
being a goddess mean? It means to have power over life and death, the power
to control life within your body. She can create life and she should have
the power to destroy it, too.
Springer: Yeah.
Rev. Korda: And that's what we're going to talk about later.
Springer: Are you going to join this group?
Rev. Korda: We're going to talk about that. You know what I mean.
Grace: Yes.
Springer: Do you want to join this group?
Grace: Yes!
Springer: OK.
Rev. Korda: We're going to talk about life within your body.
Springer: You still haven't t...
Grace: I'd also like to say I'm the only woman among, one, two, three,
four, five, men--are all telling me what I should do and criticizing me.
I'm the only woman.
Springer: Then why--hold it.
Chuck: Then why are you being dragged towards that way?
Springer: You can believe anything you want. Where we get upset is when you
start preaching to young, impressionable minds that suicide and cannibalism
is a good thing. That is dangerous. That is dangerous. And (censored).
Grace: Jerry, that's (censored)!
Rev. Korda: It is dangerous. It is dangerous.
Grace: McDonald's...
Rev. Korda: That's right, because somebody might kill themselves. That's
what you're worried about, right? Somebody might kill themselves, is that
what we're worried about?
Springer: Yes.
Rev. Korda: OK.
Springer: Yes, I--I worry about it; you're damn right I worry about that.
Rev. Korda: You're worried about it? Well, OK. I might, too. I might, too.
I think about it every day.
Springer: Then don't print this garbage in your...
Rev. Korda: Listen to me...
Springer: ...in your brochure!
Rev. Korda: ...I'll print whatever I want. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
Pastor Kim: Yeah, she can.
Vermin X: Hey...
Rev. Korda: I'll print whatever I want because when I look at what's
happened on this planet, I feel...
Pastor Kim: This is America.
Springer: So you want her to--she wants to join your group.
Rev. Korda: She wants to join my group. That's right. She wants to join us.
Grace: I also want to...
Pastor Kim: It's OK to eat chickens! It's OK to eat cows! It's OK to
slaughter! You laugh! You laugh!
(Unintelligible comments from panelists)
Rev. Korda: It's OK to eat Jerry! Let's eat Jerry! Let's eat Jerry! Eat
Jerry! Eat Jerry! Eat Jerry! Eat Jerry! Come on.
Pastor Kim: It's not OK, what we do to animals...
Springer: All right.
Pastor Kim: ...we do to ourselves!
Grace: Yeah!
Pastor Kim: What they do in--what they did in Nazi Germany is what they do
to chickens every day! It's...
Chuck: Excuse me, they're not listening!
Pastor Kim: Yeah!
Rev. Korda: OK. Hold on, hold on, I have a question: What was the first
thing Adolf Hitler did when he came to power? First thing?
Springer: He had chicken soup; I don't know.
Rev. Korda: No! No!
Springer: When we come back...
Rev. Korda: Hey, you're right. Hold on. You should go...
Springer: Up next, these guests are here to tell the cult if they really
mean what they say, they should start by--well, they say they should start
by killing themselves. Well, we'll face that off when we return. Stay with

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