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01 .      . Street Party contre la guerre
02 . Dellbruegge & de Moll      . hamburg-ersatz 7.0
03 . Yukiko Shikata             . "DISCODER" by exonem on CyGnet
04 . Cary Peppermint            . //PEPPERMINT EXPOSURE NYC:)
05 . Reception                  . SOUND OFF Acoustic Shadows Workshops
                                  and Talks
                                  SITE GALLERY, SHEFFIELD, UK
07 .     . ART: New Art by Rick Doble
08 . Ryan Whyte                 . Aporia #2 Now Available
09 . teo spiller                . sold
10 . Igor Stepancic             . POW project
11 . brian carroll              . architexturez: query
12 . Luther Blissett            .

   ................................................................... 01

From: "occupation"
Subject: Street Party contre la guerre
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 19:59:52 +0200


Street Party contre la guerre


Le centre social de Bruxelles et la caravane intercontinente organisent une
Street Party contre la guerre le vendredi 28 mai. Le lieu de rendez-vous
est fixé à 18h00 au parvis de Saint-Gilles (A cinq minutes de la gare du

Pour ceux qui comptent aller à la manifestation de Cologne du Samedi 29,
nous vous proposons de passer d'abord par Bruxelles pour participer à la
Street Party. Il y aura du logement pour tous. Le samedi matin (vers 9h00)
nous prendrons le train "gratuit" pour aller ensemble à Cologne. L'idée est
de pouvoir être le plus de monde possible.
Pour plus d'infos:
centre social de Bruxelles :

   ................................................................... 02

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 00:24:22 +0100
From: "[iso-8859-1] Dellbr¸gge & de Moll" <>
Subject: hamburg-ersatz 7.0


Alle Etagen im HAMBURG ERSATZ sind nun eingerichtet.

Was ist neu?
                Ebene 6: Weg der Philosophen
                Ebene 7: Ausguck ins Universum

Auþerdem ist das Sprechzimmer (in der Vollversion) komfortabler,
der Stadtgarten gewachsen und die Agora wird immer belebter.

Besuchen Sie: <>

Ihr modell

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Der HAMBURG ERSATZ ist das erste Internetprojekt des Hamburger Programms
Kunst im –ffentlichen Raum und wird als work in progress bis zum
31.12.1999 im Internet angesiedelt sein.

   ................................................................... 03

Date:  Thu, 13 May 1999 12:52:33 +0200
Subject:  "DISCODER" by exonem on CyGnet
From: Yukiko Shikata <>

hello all,

here i would like to inform you "DISCODER" by exonemo,
the latest project i curated at Shiseido CyGnet
(  this is the second
one i did for CyGnet, after "Tyrell.Hungary"(EastEdge).

exonemo is consisted of a coulple, yae akaiwa and kensuke
sembo, expecting young artists, and one of the few to work
to this direction of the net.(profile is below).

the work is for you to destroy the html codes of web pages
by typing keyboards.  you are welcome to participate..!

yukiko shikata

 [DISCODER] by exonemo

        Accessing websites all over the world has become commonplace. And
yet, most who browse the web only engage what is presented in the pages
that they visit, not the mechanism of their realisation -- the realm of the
HTML code.

        A "DISCODER" is a device "which destroys HTML informatic CODE and
its CODEs of behavior, a contradiction provider for the web." (exonemo) In
this project the user "messes" with the web's HTML internet metastructure.
The tags in HTML slip, and the integrity of HTML source code is
compromised, as if eaten by bugs. The user is liberated from not only the
assuring mathematical illusions of the HTML interface (in the dismantling
of the code) itself, but also from the subtle suggestions of normative
behavior presented to the individual by the computer.

        The DISCODER has two modes, a <Private Mode> and an <Open Mode>. In
the former, the user inputs the URL of the page the he or she wishes to
destroy (all pages on the WWW are DISCODEable) and proceeds to wreak havoc
to their little heart's content. In the latter, the user can decimate a
page socially, with friends. With either, the keyboard, this mundane part
of our text-based lives, becomes an instrument of destruction, while typing
on the keys produces sounds like a typewriter. HTML code suddenly becomes a
breeding ground for inserting bugs (ASCII text, which eats HTML source code
like a bug, creating an great many changes in the structure of web pages)
who change the face of the virtual terrain.

        The user is not limited to random attacks on websites, they can
shoot at targets too. Because the bug's influence on the site can be
monitored numerically in real time, the user can devise strategies for
their assaults. The numbers, alphabet, symbols, backspace (delete) and
other keys each carry a new function in DISCODER, and their categories and
point of introduction into the HTML bear relation with previously planted
bugs so that the bug's "growth" (into capital letters) and then into HTML
tags in their own right, reconstructing the broken pages.

     There are anynumber of unpredicatable effects produced by the
DISCODER, especially when, in the <Open Mode>, an unspecified number
of users participate, and bugs engage the sedimentary layers produced by
bugs that have gone before them, the DISCODER produces some of its
most surprising conclusions.

     DISCODER, through the invasion of unreasonable elements (= bugs),
and a process of destruction, becomes a mechanism for new writing.
exonemo's sites aren't set on HTML. DISCODER's cross-hairs are fixed
on the vectors of mundane standardisation, and increased codification in
our lives. (Yukiko Shikata)


In 1996 Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa formed "exonemo" when they detonated
on impact with the WWW, feeling the infinitely great possibilities in new
senses of distance and dynamics. They have continued to publish their art
on the web, still after that new feeling, ever since.

* Kensuke Sembo
1972 Born in Tokyo Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University.
Kensuke worked mainly on the planning, production, including Java Script,
Perl and HTML programing in DISCODER.

* Yae Akaiwa
1973 Born in Fukuoka Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University.
Yae worked mainly on the planning, production, including Java Script and
HTML programing, as well as the interface design in DISCODER.

Check it out!  -->

   ................................................................... 04

Date:  Thu, 13 May 1999 10:39:09 -0400
From: "Cary Peppermint" <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  //PEPPERMINT EXPOSURE NYC:)


//-(!)-PREVIEW NOW-(!)--//



//-(!)-REAL-TIME VIEW-(!)--//

   ................................................................... 05

[partially obsolete...]

Date:  Thu, 13 May 1999 23:41:50 +0200
From: Reception <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  AudioRom SOUND OFF Workshop & Talk @ Site, UK tomorrow

SOUND OFF Acoustic Shadows Workshops and Talks

coming next...........

Shift Control by AudioRom
Talk tomorrow Friday 14 May 6.30 pm
Workshop Saturday 15 May 11.00 - 3.00

AudioRom are known for their experimental work exploring and developing
interactivity which pushes
the boundaries of audience participation. The distinguishing and innovative
feature of their work is the equal emphasis on music and visuals within the
overall form of the work. Developing interactive multi-media installations
and CD-Roms, each project defines a different formal approach to the fusion
of visuals and music through the use of various sensory interactive devices
and musical styles and samples. Interaction with music uses such forms as
typing or game play, equipping the user with hundreds of possible
reconstructions while maintaining harmony and rhythm and this will be
explored in the workshop.

Shift Control will be installed in the Site gallery foyer from 10 April -
15 May 1999

coming soon...........

Weightless: the readymade in electronic space
by Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead
Talk Friday 25 June 6.30 pm
Workshop 26 June 1.00 - 4.30

In  Weightless Thomson & Craighead use gif animations, midi files and text
fragments taken from web based chat lines as the main components of a fluid
on-line environment.  They will explore issues around the production of
Weightless and the use of the vast amounts of available online data to
create new artworks.

Weightless was commissioned by Channel
<> and is the latest in a series of web
artworks by Thomson & Craighead <>


Sound Off Programme has been organised by Site in association with Channel
/ Artec, London as part of the Cached series of artists events.

More info from:

Site Gallery . Sheffield . UK

e: . <>


Apologies if you have received this posting more than once

channel . commissions . residencies . network projects . information .
debate . webcasts . channel


.....Channel was hacked yesterday morning with an anti-War statement.....
no damage was done to work on Channel and server security has been
reviewed..... nevertheless, whilst absolutely condeming all agressive acts
committed against people in Kosovo by Serbian troops and militia and the
censorship of independent media reporting, we at Channel would like to
state that we do not support the current NATO bombing strategy as a means
to restore peace and secure living conditions in Kosovo..... apologies to
all those who tried to access the Channel site yesterday.....

CHANNEL is is a unique home for collaborative and experimental networked
arts projects, debate and resources.

CHANNEL is funded by the Arts Council of England and managed by Artec who
provide production resources and artists' residency programmes.

For more information about Channel projects contact:
Programme: David Sinden / Technical: Andi Freeman . Artec . t:+44 171 477
2775 .
e: david/


channel . commissions . residencies . network projects . information .
debate . webcasts . channel

   ................................................................... 06

Date:  Fri, 14 May 1999 05:36:10 +0100 (BST)
To: Multiple recipients of <>


To coincide with:
Synch or Stream: A think-tank on networked audio visual media
The Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada
May 15th - 17th 1999

Radio 90 is holding a festival celebrating the culture of

The World Service Scheduler
is currently being filled with audio content, live and archived, reflecting
the spaces that have opened up for audio culture on the Internet.

The Festival will be based around the following loose themes:

saturday 15 may
'tactical radio': used in political contexts.
The Festival will rebroadcast Net Aid: the freeB92 birthday live stream,
aswell as other tactical radio material

sunday 16 may
'avant garde radio': as a forum for alternative music culture
The Festival will stream the sounds of DFM, RadioOZOne, r a d i o q u a l
ia, CKUT + others

monday 17 may
'bedroom radio': producing/listening to audio in the bedroom
intimate audio pleasure from the playlists of orang and elsewhere

also -  'under the influence of ether'
an audio / radio transmission installation
by Ken Gregory


Radio 90 and the Streaming Media Festival crew celebrate the following
netradio producers:

American Indian Radio
Radio 100
DFM rtv
r a d i o q u a l i a
the womb
Radio International Stadt
farmers manual
Radio FRO

tune in to the World Service >-

   ................................................................... 07


Date:  Fri, 14 May 99 02:55:58 EST
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  ART: New Art by Rick Doble

Hi Art Lover,

This is a general announcement of new work by Rick Doble
for the hundreds of people who have written me about my art sites.
Send me an email and I will be glad to respond personally.
If you do not want to receive future announcements,
please send me a copy of this message with the

Home Page Address With Links To All New Work:
This page links to all my art work exclusively on the Internet.
There are now almost 200 digital images that link to this page.
Links to new work is posted here.
You may want to bookmark this page
as work is being added on a regular basis.

Digital Photography Essay:
Colorful abstractions during a 5 day "Nor'Easter"
on the Outer Banks of North Carolina USA
(near Cape Hatteras)
---25 digital photographs

Digital Photography Essay:
Before digital photography these self-portraits
were virtually impossible.
---24 digital photographs, 6 photographic animations,
      4 contact sheets of multiple images,
plus notes about the images and a review of the animations.

Digital Photography and Other Artwork:
Tantalizing peeks of new digital art in the works.
See thumbnail and full displays of work in progress.
This site is an exhibit in itself.
---20 still images, 5 animations.

Observations from a 55 year old artist
who has been making art for 35 of those years.
It's a lousy thankless job, but some one has got to do it.

Essays & Multi-media presentation:
This is the story that asks the big questions:
where did we come from, where are we going, and what do we do now?
This is a set of very short essays which attempts
to answer these questions using
modern scientific understanding as a basis.
"The story of how humans came to live on the Earth,
as told by modern theories, is beautiful and mythic.
I believe we owe it to ourselves as a culture to tell
this story in simple terms that can be easily understood."

I am very open to sharing my work.
Please send me an email if you would like to use any of my work
at your site or in the classroom or for any other purpose.
You may link to my sites without permission.
However, please send me a notice of the link
and I will in turn link to your page.

Rick Doble will be included in the next edition of
Marquis Who'sWho in America, the original Who'sWho since 1899.

Thanks to a new program, JPEG Wizard, I can now reduce the size
of my JPG pictures by about 70% without any loss in quality.
Check my main page for a link to this software.
(No, I don't own this company or have anything to do with it;
I just like their software.)

I have decided to put work up on the Internet and
to send out announcements on a quarterly basis
at the start of each season.
Look for new work at the start of summer (July 1),
fall (October 1), winter (December 1 - snowflakes and Christmas lights),
and spring (April 1).
Announcements will be sent out about a month later as time permits.

Since June 1, 1998 (when I started tracking my traffic)
my combined art sites have received over 20,000 unique hits.
Work from my sites has been featured at:
--The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, Australia
--CBS Radio, the Internet Minute, featured site
--Pif Magazine (ezine) - "cover"
--The Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL - sites included in the Art +
Technology 98 exhibit
--DigitalNation - link
--Featured artist, Enculturation Film/Image site
See the links page at my site for the specific URLs.

Internet Artist

   ................................................................... 08

Date:  Thu, 13 May 1999 16:10:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ryan Whyte <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  Aporia #2 Now Available

                                  Aporia #2


Text and images:

	Andy Patton
	Monique Ladurie
	Rachel Levitsky
	Gordon Lebredt
	Tyler Stallings
	Mark A. Cheetham
	Alan Jennifer Sondheim
	Kent Johnson
	Rachel Daley
	Ryan Whyte
	Nestor Kruger
	Thomas Zummer

Review: Tennessee Rice Dixon
Interview: Brad Brace

	ISSN 1480-9389		40 pages color offset and photocopy
	All correspondence:	Individual issues $3 Can $2.50 U.S.A
	Aporia			Two-issue subscriptions: $5 Can. in Canada
	Ryan Whyte					 $4 U.S. in U.S.A
	P.O. Box 124					 $6 U.S. overseas
	Station 'C' Toronto, ON
	Canada M6J 3M7


Aporia #3: winter 1999: "The Avant-Garde"
	with Aporia #3a "Poetry 'Supplement'"
Aporia #4: ETA? "Color"

			       *  *  *  *  *

		      , to delay  ( from )  the world

   ................................................................... 09

Date:  Fri, 14 May 1999 05:20:58 PDT
From: "teo spiller" <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ... sold

Maribor, Slovenia
12 noon, Wednesday, May 12,1999
5th International Festival of Computer Arts

Live Panel concluding the online forum to discuss the sale of

Participents: Teo Spiller, Brian Goldfarb, Alexander Bassin (director of the
Ljubljana Municipal Gallery, and the Buyer
of the project "megatronix"), Jaka Zeleznikar

The panel began with Spiller providing a summary of the one month online
discussion of commerce and negotations over the sale of Spiller's
recent online artwork "Megatronix" .
Spiller announced that a deal had been struck and that the general terms for
a contract of sale were finalized within the final 24 hours before the close
of the forum. The work will be purchased by the Ljubljana Municipal Gallery
for 85,000 SIT (approximately US $500). The work will be maintained on the
artist's server until the Gallery secures its own domain name and server.
Spiller has agreed to add a
small banner to the opening page of the project aqnnouncing that the project
is now owned by the Ljubliana Municipal Gallery. The artist has committed to
updating the site as necessary in collaboration with the Gallery's technical
support personnel. The Gallery and Artist have agreed to split any future
proceeds from reproduction and distribution of the work. The Gallery may put
banner ads on the introductory screen of "Megatronix" but may not alter the
piece in any other way.
Significanly, the Gallery must maintain the presence of the project on the
Web. However, they may restrict access to it if this is part of a revenue
raising  strategy that they are applying to the rest of their art collection
(ie, similar to a museum entrance admission).

Among the terms of the contract which are still unclear is whether the
artist is entitled to a percentage of any advertising revenue gained from
banner ads or other promotional use of the artwork. Also it is still to be
determined who will be responsible for updating the work should, for
example, it become incompatible with future browsers or internet protocol.

Spiller suggests that this will most likely be something that he would
undertake for a fee negotiated under an additional contract.

The negotiations over the sale of megtronix raised a number of critical
issues concerning the changing role of artists, curators, galleries,
museums, and other art world constituencies in a digital age. Many artists
are concerned that traditional collecting and exhibiting institutions take
up a role in preserving art works which may not actually be presented within
the white walls of their galleries. If museums and galleries don't begin
collecting and preserving these works now, it may be difficult to access
these "early" net.artworks later as platforms and software formats change
multiple generations.

It was agreed that is shifting the audiences for art and will likely
affect the economics of artistic production and exhibition. Equally we will
see a shift in the constituancies who see it as in their interest to
support, promote and preserve Bassin discussed the varying
motivations of commercial and noncommercial collecting institutions and
individual patrons of the arts. While he noted that collectors are clearly
aware of the growing importance of this art they have yet to determine which
avenue provides the best means for their participation.

Spiller, Goldfarb and other forum participants suggest that in the next few
years we will see art on the Internet beginning to conform to two general
approaches. On the one hand there will be a proliferation of works which are
platform independent that can be acessed and downloaded from the net, but
which are essentially removable from it (much like CD-ROMs and DVD). These
works will be supported though the global entertainment industry's
commitment to development of multimedia standards and methods of
distribution and exchange. On the other hand, we will see more specialized
genre of work that builds upon the communicative aspects of the net. These
latter works will be more difficult to collect or preserve as they are tied
to the specific, and rapidly evolving context of digital networks.  They
will most likely be supported through other means than sale. Goldfarb
suggests that they might be supported through the works ability to deliver
specific constituencies through affiliation with a commercial or corperate
patron--much like the model of radio or television programming being
supported through advertising revenue.

With this last point in mind Spiller and Goldfarb have determined to extend
the current  project by announcing a competition for a
project. The award for the winner will be presented in Ljubljana in the
first days of the coming Millenium. Entry and submission details will be
forthcoming on and will be posted broadly to appropriate forums and discussion groups.

Teo Spiller and Brian Goldfarb

(more about selling in New York Times: )

   ................................................................... 10

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 22:18:22 +0200
Subject: POW project
From: "Igor Stepancic" <>


POWs are writting to inform you that a new project is installed on and should you choose you are free to visit it. We
would be happy to hear from you and your opinion about the site.

We are sending transcripts of intoductiory textes for POW project. First

texte is about project  itself and the other is abuot Beuys vs Warhol. The

other projects to be installed are titled:




Also at the end of Beuys vs Warhol piece there is a DISCUSSION BOARD with

topics to be updated regulary. We welcome all the artists to participate and

also produce some work to be installed on the site.

Should you request any other information or want to comment on the project
please mail to the following addresses:


This is an interactive project initiated by artists from Beograd as it is

being bombed.

It is about art being a prisoner of war, so every artist is a prisoner of


Being confined to the isolation of the "CAMP(WEB) SITE" artists make work

as an reaction to it. It welcomes all artists, throughout the world,

who feel like POWs to take part and exhibit their work.

In this sense it is open to different approaches to ART AGAINST RAT (WAR)

and the position of an artist living life during war time.

The initial thesis will be installed on the "site" in the form of art work

using images to

communicate and artists can directly install their works on the site.

We hope it will become a discussion group for artists/POWs on the "CAMP(WEB)


"BEUYS vs. WARHOL underlines two positions in art, one American

and other European, by confronting two icons of 20th century art.

It explores the power of images and concepts in a battle for individuality

for all wars negate individual differences.

The same mechanism is found in mass production and propaganda

though the outcomes are so different. Western art values individuality and

tries hard to promote it but in essence it negates it.

Beuys uses collective actions to strengthen and underline individuality.

Warhol shows that individuality is insignificant."

Best regards,


   ................................................................... 11

Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 20:32:44 -0800
From: brian carroll <>
Subject: query is back online after two motherboard
 crashes, and looking to link to your independent research regarding
 the relationship between humans, nature, and the built environment...
 content ranging from semiotics to solar houses, war, and the politics
 of privacy protection are desired. architectural r-evolution. bc

   ................................................................... 12

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 02:49:49 +0200
From: Luther Blissett <>

www. HELL.COM was born in 1995 as a conceptual art piece, an anti-web
that sold and promoted nothing and was not accessible to the public: a
sheer b(l)ack hole of the web. For almost three years,
HELL.COM, a site with no content, never listed in any directory nor
linked anywhere, averages of a million hits per month from people typing
the name in search engines. It becomes therefore a conteiner for
sites and art galleries in which is possible to get in only if you are
invited and whom list of member s is kept secret; it's what themselves
call "a private parallel web." The idea behind HELL.COM is to create a
launching pad for cyber-artists extremly elitist and with badly hidden
venal ambitions... a fuckin' museum!

During february 1999 HELL.COM organized "surface": a show with several
superstar net artists like zuper!, absurd, fakeshop and many more.
Like all the events by HELL.COM also this one was not available to the
public, but was opened exclusively to RHIZOME subscribers.

During the 48 hours opening  0100101110101101.ORG downloaded all the
files of the site; the clone has been put on line, this time
anticopyright,visible, reproducible and freely diffusible and, thanks to
some technical devices, even more easily downloadable.

According to 0100101110101101.ORG "the convinction that information must
be free is a tribute to the way in which a very good computer  or a
valid program work: binary numbers move in accordance with the most
logic, direct and necessary way to do their complex function. What is a
computer if not somthing that benefit by the free flow of information? "

At the moment the site is on line at the url:
The situation is constantly changing and nobody knows if and how long
the site will remain active; actually HELL.COM has already threatened
legal proceedings for copyright violations. http://www.0100101110101101.ORG/


Subject: [7-11] [fwd] WARNING1.0|||COPYRIGHT VIOLATION
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 21:14:37 +0200
From: 011101001010110100101111100001001000110101@0100101110101101.ORG
To: 011101001010110100101111100001001000110101@0100101110101101.ORG

Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 21:42:33 -0700

re: http://www.0100101110101101.ORG/


please immediately remove this material from your server

you are in violation of international copyright laws which are clearly
posted in the copyright information contained in our source code.

also of note,

it appears as though you have violated the copyrights of quite a few
of our members individually:::::::::::::::

on behalf of these individuals we request that you also remove
these materials from your server as well


it would make sense to use your "abilities"
to attempt something *original*





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