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From: Jason Skeet <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 08:17:39 +0000

Festival of independent and community-based space exploration
June 18th - 27th
London, Earth

The days of this society are numbered. Its reasons and its merits have been
weighed in the balance and found wanting; its inhabitants are divided into
two parties, one of which wants to build their own spaceships and leave
this society behind. Space:1999 explores the new possibilities that open
up when we form autonomous communities in outer space.

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts (AAA) was launched on April 23rd
1995 as the world's first independent and community-based space programme.
A Five Year Plan was also established for creating, by the year 2000, a
world-wide network of local, community-based AAA groups dedicated to
building their own spaceships. Space:1999 will form part of the AAA's
FINAL PUSH, and will bring together Autonomous Astronauts from around the
world to present various activities, including media invasions, recruitment
drives and propaganda efforts. This ten day festival will also expose local
communities in London to the possibilities of independent space exploration.

Moving in several directions at once, the AAA has declared:
'Only those who attempt the impossible will achieve the absurd'.

space:1999 contact information:
phone: 0793 083 4904
post: BM Box 3641, London WC1N 3XX

Space:1999 is sponsored by King Mob, Pictorial Heroes, The Idler, Blast
First!, Club Integral, Green Bohemia, and Castelvecchi. With thanks to


Info Centre
123A Mare Street, E8. London Fields BR.

"The Five Year Plan:
Propaganda and printed matter from the Association of Autonomous Astronauts."

Open daily from 1pm - 6pm throughout the festival.
Event updates, information and your input.

phone: 0181 985 9981

With thanks to Artec.

Friday June 18th:
 1:30pm: Protest against the militarisation of space, part of the J18
global festival.
 Venue: Assemble Green Park tube.

Saturday 19th:
 Noon - 6pm: Intergalactic Conference
John Eden (Raido AAA) Conference Introduction
Professor Chris Welch (Lecturer in Astronautics, Kingston University) "The
history of the British Interplanetary Society"
Paul Macauley (author of Pasquale's Angel and contributor to Interzone)
"How the future should have been"
Mark Sinker (writer specialising in aesthetics, sex and the immediate
future and currently working on 'The Electric Storm', a cultural history of
music and technology between 1876 and 1982) "Home is where the heat is -
when spacemen fall to earth"
Neil Gordon Orr (Disconaut AAA) "Everybody gets to go to the moon - next
steps into space"
Zigi Sinnette (Missiles for Peaceful Purposes, member of UK Rocketry
Association) "Build your own rocket"
Barry Bryant (Aotearoa AAA) "Towards an everythingisation of stuff:
Pasifikan strategies for radical emigration"
Riccardo Balli (AAA Bologna) and Gerard Z (Grub Street 23) "333"
Dorothy Matrix (Future Excavations Inc.) "Hostile Environments"
Jason Skeet (Inner City AAA) "See you in space"
Plus AAA propaganda films and stalls.
 Venue: University of Westminster, Marylebone Road,
opposite Baker Street tube
4/3. Sponsored by King Mob

8pm til late: My Eyes...My Eyes presents ETC (Extraterrestrial Cinema).
AAA films, presentations, installations and performances, including Lola
Chanel (AAA Vienna) "Women in Space", Nomad AAA "This is my confession",
Disconaut AAA "Means of Flight - an alphabet for autonomous astronauts",
Laura Liverani "Mondo Astronauta - portraits of the AAA".
Films and video from Tim Flitcroft, Deane Thomas, Lisa DiLillo and more.
Presentations, installations and performances from Simon Lewandowski,
Toolroom Salon, Seba Patane, Judy Sirks, Saul Albert and Strike. Live
electronica and video mixing from Ticklish. 'Deviate, decapitate, fornicate,
fabricate' performance by Inventory. Premiere of "Victims of Geography"
film by Pictorial Heroes. DJs including DoA. Live web video streaming with
Backspace. (
 Venue: Strike, 11-29 Fashion Street, E1. Liverpool St/Aldgate East tube
4/3. Sponsored by Pictorial Heroes
Contact: 0181 858 5983 or

Sunday 20th:
 2pm: Three-sided Football, AAA Krazy Golf & Picnic
 Venue: Assemble Speakers' Corner. Hyde Park tube.
8pm: AAA Pub Night: Space Quiz and debate of the Millennium: Star Trek v.
Babylon 5.
 1. Sponsored by The Idler
 Venue: Penny Black, Mount Pleasant WC1. Farringdon tube.

Monday 21st:
 Noon: Press Conference & AAA Bologna Psychic Attack against NASA
 Venue: Blackwall Steps. Yabsley Street E14. Blackwall DLR.
8pm: Solstice outdoor training for autonomous astronauts, featuring star
navigation, low level gravity practice, dreamtime workshop, and astral
projection exercise.
 Venue: Hampstead Heath, Assemble Hampstead Heath BR, Southend Road, NW3

Tuesday 22nd:
 6:30pm: The Foundation for Art in Zero-Gravity Envirnonments launch event,
featuring Stuart Buchanan (Nomad AAA), Project One (resident theatre
company for space) and the General Consul of the Nomad Territories.
 Venue: To be confirmed
 8pm: Nocturnal Emissions (1st London gig in 12 years), plus Beam Me Up, KJ
(performing music from classic Star Trek and featuring voice of KJ Grant,
ex-Cop Shoot Cop), plus DJs Interossiter, OSI and John Eden.
 Venue: Upstairs at the Garage, Holloway Road N7. Highbury & Islington tube.
 6/4. Sponsored by Blast First! and Club Integral

Wednesday 23rd:
 2:30pm: Inner City AAA Grub Street Launch Site tour and psychogeographical
 Venue: Assemble, northern end of Milton Street EC2. Barbican/Moorgate tube.
 9pm: AAA pop night featuring The Adventures of Parsley (5 piece pop combo
playing cult 60s and 70s TV themes in moonbase alpha spacesuits), guest
vocalist Norbert J.Hetherington, plus The Family Way.
AAA videos. Wig 'n' Casino gay Northern Soul after midnight.
 Venue: Vauxhall Tavern, opposite Vauxhall Tube. Buses 36, 185, 44, 77, 88.
 4/2 Sponsored by Green Bohemia
Night-time: Raido AAA Astral Training
Try to visualise yourself in space, or at Raido AAA's launch site in the
minutes before you go to sleep. Report any results, or related dreams to (text or .jpegs), or hand them in at any Space
1999 event.

Thursday 24th:
 2pm: Space Fete, organised by Oceania AAA. The first/last annual AAA
garden party. Events include drinking, eating, dancing, and space-themed
competitions. Bring your own drinks and food.
 Venue: Assemble 67 Millbrook Road, Brixton SW9. Brixton tube or
Loughborough Junction BR.
 6:30pm: AAA 5 year plan gathering.
 Venue: Info Centre, 123A Mare Street, E8. London Fields BR.

Friday 25th:
 11am: Protest Against The 1986 Space Act and Spaceship Licensing Laws.
 Venue: Assemble outside the British National Space Centre, 151 Buckingham
Palace Road SW1. Victoria tube.

7pm: Space Caff 2 - space vegan food, the chance to eat your food on
mars/the moon/in outer space and to purchase the video for 3 for proof.
Space age pop music as surround sound. AAA project reports.
 Venue: 56a Infoshop, 56a Crampton Street, SE17. Elephant & Castle tube.

Saturday 26th:
 2pm: Intergalactic Triolectic Football Cup (Three-sided Football)
Kennington Park. Oval Tube

All-night Rave in Space.
 Venue: to be announced during the festival. Call festival hotline on the
day or check website.

Sunday 27th:
 3pm: Back to Earth: A review and summing up of the ten days and a look to
the future.
 Venue: 56a Infoshop, 56a Crampton Street, SE17. Elephant & Castle tube.


space1999 - ten days that shook the universe

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