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<nettime> the NewsMap

   Welcome to the NewsMap QuickTour

   A NewsMap is a visual landscape of the information in
   hundreds - or thousands - of articles or newsgroup postings.
   At a glance you can see the important topics and how they
   are related.

   NewsMaps are created using a sophisticated software system
   that reads documents from the internet and organizes them
   onto an information landscape based on their content.

   Reading a Map (1 of 7)

   A NewsMap looks like a topographical map of
   mountains and valleys. The concept of the layout
   is simple: documents with similar content are
   placed closer together, and peaks appear where
   there is a concentration of closely related

   Reading a Map (2 of 7)

   Peaks represent concentrations of documents
   about a similar topic. Higher numbers of
   documents create higher peaks. The valleys
   between peaks can be interesting because they
   contain fewer documents and more unique

   Reading a Map (3 of 7)

   Topic Labels
   Topic Labels reflect the major two or three topics
   represented in a given area of the map, providing
   a quick indication of what the documents are
   about. Additional labels often appear when you
   zoom into the map for greater detail.

   Reading a Map (4 of 7)

   Document Points
   Document Points represent individual
   documents. There are typically hundreds or
   thousands of documents in a NewsMap. You can
   temporarily turn off the document points to make
   it easier to read the labels by clicking on the
   document button in the button bar.

   Reading a Map (5 of 7)

   Query Results
   Query results are drawn as blue points whenever
   you perform a search or select topics from the
   topic list. By looking at where the blue dots are
   drawn on the map, you can immediately see the
   context in which the results occur.

   Reading a Map (6 of 7)

   Flags enable you to mark the locations of
   important documents and generate summary web
   pages containing the list of flagged documents.
   Flagged documents are represented as small red
   flags on the map.

   Reading a NewsMap (7 of 7)

   You can zoom to different levels of magnification
   to declutter the map and reveal additional
   documents and labels. To see greater detail in
   the map, you can zoom in by double clicking on
   the map. To zoom out, double-click the right
   mouse button.

mario hergueta

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