brian carroll on Mon, 10 May 1999 17:06:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> technological war

 memory: the truism of Vietnam for Americans, and, i imagine, for
         the world is that the high-tech military can still be beaten
         by low-tech means.

 now:  	it seems that the high-tech military does not need a
 	low-tech enemy for defeat, but a sufficient amount of
	complexity as to cause 'human' errors or errors in
	'automated' judgements. that is, the nature of
	information is affecting the outcome of the
	high-tech war. so what is the truism now-

	(dis)information is a weapon

	to me this describes the nature of the Internet,
	and its future as a battlefield of institutionalization,
	on the local and global scales, by teams of players,
	playing the game of discourse analytics and propaganda.

	an Internet2 where there are credit checks, dossiers,
	academic credentials- to be able to take to the field
	and do (intellectual brute force?) battle. likely
	already happening.

	an issue of control, of sectioning off public space,
	bit by bit, sector by sector, gigabyte of real e-
	state by real estate, until, what is mirrored online
	is that of 'the ideal' world governance of private
	minds over the public body..

	for that/this to happen, there needs to be control-
	the control of limits, of who talks, who listens,
	issues of scarcity, of Masters of Production, and
	distribution channels, officiating and legitimating
	the proper and allowed discourses...

	i feel a wind blowing from the future, of last words
 	spoken in public forums rapidly disappearing as the
	old regains its control of the intellectual life of
	the citizen. only the free-radical, subverter from
	the inside, remains, that human error or "flaw" in
	the system-order-control of social engineering.

	long-live the General-List!


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