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<nettime> An open letter to hired war-monger of somebody else's army


An open letter to hired war-monger of somebody
else's army - Javier Solana
April 19, 1999

Borislav Lalic, "Vecernje Novosti" journalist,
now a correspondent from Washington,
earlier two times correspondent from
Madrid, sent an open letter to NATO
Secretary-General Javier Solana:

Hired war-monger,

It is difficult for me, the same as for your
comrades and our mutual friends, to think of
you as an army leader in a cowardly war,
and moreover, at the top of somebody else's

Good Lord, you are a Spaniard! Descendants of Sid and Cervantes have
never made war. You are pulling strings from your bunker in Brussels
and throwing bombs on a distant nation, killing people in their
dreams, in trains, in refugee columns, but you are not on the front line.

I know Spaniards could be cruel too, but at least they have the guts to
look into enemy's eyes, to give him the chance to fight. And you
war-monger, you are sitting in Brussels and make war like an owl;
taking nap during the day, and hunt in the night.

I know it is not easy for you. NATO ate you up. They crushed you, cloned
you according to the model of their Willie Clas. I thought, knowing
Spaniards, and you too, who bears such a significant Spanish name,
Javier Solana Madariaga, they would not be so easily crushed.

I remember now in these difficult days, of those lovely seventies,
when we were standing in the streets of Madrid, waiting for Vietnam
and Franco to pass, and were shouting against the American bases in
Spain and against NATO, and used to meet in our leftest coffee bar

At that time, Spain and Yugoslavia were in our hearts. But NATO made
you poorer. Because I will be able to still love Spain, but you cannot
love Yugoslavia. It would by cynical, wouldn't it?

I admit, I am defeated. The more I look at you on TV making marshal
moves, hop around General Clark and deeply bow in front of Albright
kissing her hand, I am amazed. What have they done to you man? You
know what they say in your country: "Hay que tener los cojones,

But now it's over. The bombs fell. In a year or two, your military career
will be over. The history will write that you were hired military leader
of somebody else's army which sadistically and cowardly bombed a
nation only because they did not want to say: "OK, Uncle Sam."

Once upon a time, there was Javier Solana Madariaga.

In my country, which you loved once, you haven't been alive since
March 24, 1999.

Nobody says any more: Javier Solana Madariaga, but Butcher

Live with your conscience, hired war-monger.

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