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<nettime> Belgrade digest

    In this digest:

        - Early-warning Web site for Yugoslavs
        - My comment on nottime-l thread
        - Serbs not considered as refugees
        - Atomic Shelter Tales (NATO jokes)



    Since NATO strikes started, every time I'm surfing the Net, one
    browser window is dedicated to:

    This is the best minute-to-minute, early-warning and strikes-review
    Web site for ordinary citizens in Yugoslavia, right now. FAR better
    and faster than TV and most radio stations (in Yugoslavia AND abroad).



    This is the text I received when I subscribed to nettime-l:

    <nettime> is not only a mailing list, but an attempt to formulate an
    international, networked discourse, that is neither promoting the
    dominant euforia (in order to sell some product), nor to continue with
    the cynical pessimism, spread by journalists and intellectuals working
    in the 'old' media, who can still make general statements without any
    deeper knowledge on the specific communication aspects of the so-called
    'new' media.

    Therefore, I felt that <nettime> is a good place for me, to publicly
    speak about the things I disagree with. I also thought that I could
    learn some new aspects of this situation from people who are watching
    this conflict from distance (and have different assumptions about it).

    I'm fully aware that the problem in Yugoslavia is not the most
    important one in the world. So, I will keep on sending only the most
    important and reliable texts (in digest format which is easy to filter).

    Please, keep in mind that I'm living in Belgrade and I can send
    reliable reports only about the things happening here. I'm repeating
    once again that I'm not a part of any "propaganda machine". I'm simply
    not affiliated with any side in this present conflict, but I STRONGLY
    disagree with any violent mean of solving any problem (including NATO's
    action AND Milosevic's attitude).

    I have received many off-the-list e-mails from nettimers. Some of them
    agreeing with me, some of them disagreeing. But 95% of those letters
    were written very politely, calmly and without hate. I'm very proud to
    share my thoughts with such people!



    Some of my friends who left Belgrade in the past few days told
    me that Yugoslav citizens (mostly Serbs) fleeing from NATO bombs
    to Hungary ARE NOT considered as valid war refugees by the local
    government. In other words - they are crossing the border at
    their own risk and have no guarantees regarding their safety in
    Hungary. Their entire existence is in their own hands: they have
    to find a place to live, food to eat, etc. entirely by themselves.
    They have no help from the official government OR NGO's.

    I also heard (but I don't have reliable confirmation yet) that
    the situation is similar in Macedonia.

    It seems that Serbs don't have right to be endangered by NATO's
    war activities and Milosevic's regime. Don't be fooled that these
    days The International Humanitarian Law is being applied regarding
    of nationality, even in "civilised" and "democratic" countries.



    The only way for preserving mental health and escaping from dark
    reality, for most ordinary people in Yugoslavia right now is
    traditional sense of humour. These days people are mostly making
    jokes on their ill-fate. Here are some of them:

    A new CNN's win-a-prize game for Yugoslavs: "Collect 5 radio locators
    and receive a FREE Tomahawk missile on your home address!"

    How many Americans are captured in Yugoslavia?
    Fifteen: three soldiers + one translator, one lawyer, one stocks
    advisor and one CNN's reporter for each soldier.

    Why Serbs won't realise captured Americans?
    Because they are trying to convince them to become Serbian citizens.
    Then we would have American national minority on Kosovo, which would
    help in solving the crises in a peaceful manner.

    Why Americans will place 20.000 Albanians in their base on Cuba?
    Simple logic: in 10-20 years there will be 60.000 Albanians, they
    will request an independent state and USA will have a reason to bomb
    Castro (FINALLY!) and Cuba (by the way).

    What important warning every NATO pilot receives before a sortie?

    Who spotted the F-117 first?
    A police patrol at one checkpoint near Belgrade - his stop-lights
    didn't work.

    How Yugoslav army detected F-117 on a radar?
    A pilot forgot to hang a CD on his rear-view mirror.

    How Serbian police knew that it is exactly F-117A shot down?
    A pilot forgot his driving licence in the cockpit.



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