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Dear  Nettime-rs:  For some time now, I have been volunteering my time in
supporting the Third World Network Features, an alternative feature service
from the South. Our goal is to highlight issues from the grassroots and on
alternative themes, which otherwise don't usually make it to the mainstream
Over the past ten years, and particularly since 1993, TWN Features been
able to focus attention on a number of such issues. We have been able to
get quite some acceptance from the mainstream and alternative press,
particularly medium and small publications.
Now, we have recently launched an email service. Each week, we put out a
minimum of four ready-for-press features, and send it to newspapers across
India and abroad. We would like to expand our subscriber base,  both so
that such issues come to the attention of more readers, and also to allow
our not-for-profit feature service to stand on its own feet.
In this regard, could you please help us? It would be really nice if you
could sen us the email addresses of any newspapers or alternative
publications that would like to receive a free one-month trial subscription
to TWN Features. Thanks for your cooperation and support, 
Frederick Noronha.

"Third World" was first used as an expression by French demographer Alfred
Sauvy in 1952, and was immediately popularized in journalistic and
diplomatic circles.  It was an allusion to the   tiers etat  (third state)
of French society before the revolution of 1789. This second-class tiers
etat was made up people deprived of privileges -- as opposed to the clergy
and nobility. It included a wide range of social categories: merchants,
civil servants, artisans, peasants and salaried workers. Politically
segregated at the time, they intended to overcome exclusion. Thus, the
original sense -- which remains valid -- refers to all those countries
that, though differing greatly from each other, share the common fate of

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