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<nettime> but de guerre

How the war really is a multiple bind, a kind of defiance and seems the
most real environement of the destiny, especially real land for
imagination, is not the land of imagination the vaterland ? the war as a
kind of the obstetrician of the souls but not in the socrate's sens : as
how we would want the kubrick's movie story of 'the roads of the glory'
was true, but it wasn't, all the men in ww1 went to the fight without
surch duress, as how we want ss were sick, but they weren't, and how it
was as exact the pilot of hiroshima died quite insane than christopher lee
slept every night in his casket. the war ask to us to die or to weight the
deads, it's important to choose for justice, but on the other hands it's
important to guess also the kamp of the futur winners. It's important to
have or not to have his ass in kosovo, in yougoslavia, if not, intervening
periods, it's important to have a drink in showing how a cunning
strategist you look like as a well hung patton to which the peace
disgusted him, so yes how  haven't i thought about this earlier : but now
it appears to me as an imperturbable results of war logic after so much
nettime politc of peace attempts, yes : to first catch t.byfield and
second to daub him with tar and to roll him in feathers and third send him
to the desert with a board hung to his neck who would say 'all my fault'.
yes it could do good for everybody

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