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<nettime> Nobel-peace-prize or millions to go ?

-->..almost the entire population of the Kosovo Albanians has
-->been driven out by yugoslav military and paramilitary. ...

That statement appeared also  several times on my local 'voice of the nation'.
Now I haven't been in these regions recently, nor did I ever count them
personally, but my old books (CIA-factbook,a.s.o.) tell me about a
population of 1.7 to 2.1 mio Kosova-albanians just before Nato started the
war against serbia (yes I heard its not a war only a humanitarian action).

Reports say 5- to 900.000 Kosova-albanians fled or have been deported out
of their country now.
Thanks to the tv-crews cluttered around the "western" borderlines of the Kosova
images are provided to raise massive humanitarian help.
Millions of dollars, the equivalent of the costs of a few hours of bombing,
barely enough to save many, but not all, of the refugees from starving to
death right now.

So where's the rest?
Killed, hiding, fighting, armed by NATO/US?
No images provided, and I dont expect word from refugees -
the UCK doesnt allow any journalistic activity, 'collaborators' get killed

What I'm personally worried about?
A few friends which actually did protest in Belgrade when Milosevic
was nominated for the  Nobel-Peace-Prize.
No politicians, no journalists, just a few people who thought it's worth
risk their reputation.
Since three days death-sentence for 'high treason' has been introduced,
so now their lifes are officially at stake.

And after that?
Milosevic again
(remember Hussein after a dozen times the amount of bombs dropped on F.R.Y.)
countless possibilities of further escalation,
the majority of the dutch population supporting "our bombs"
and western politicians:
".. a battle between good and evil, between civilization and barbarity."

Time to get armed also?


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