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<nettime> The (Un)Answered Phone Pt 4

Susanna’s family are still under siege in Pristina. They haven’t been
outside for seven days. When she asks her mother about whether there is
enough food, she says ‘Who can worry about food now?’ Her blood pressure
tablets are running out. Susanna’s brother has now a nervous reaction to
the bombing. One brother who has made it out through the Macedonian border
phoned them back to explain how much money they would need to bribe their
way through. To simply get on the road, however, seems too big a risk.
Susanna’s 16 year old niece would be prime target for rapists. 

Suzanne is still able to make daily contact by phone. Yesterday, she
allowed her niece’s daughter to speaker to her grandmother, Susanna’s
sister. Her sister had seen the granddaughter born when she last visited
Melbourne. The effect her sister was a mixture of tears and laughter. It
was the first time she’d laughed in weeks. Otherwise, according to
Suzanne, ‘They can’t see a way out any more’. 

News from the Turkish refugee camps is bad. Apparently, conditions are so
poor that many would prefer to be back in Kosova. Suzanne heard about her
next door neighbour who is in one of these camps. He was boarding the
plane when the woman in front of him collapsed. He helped her on board,
but as there wasn’t enough room for his family they were left behind. He
wasn’t allowed to exit the plane and join them. He is now in Turkey with
no news of his family. 

For previous news from Melbourne, see

Forecast for Melbourne Issued at 0505 on Thursday the 15th of April 1999
Cloudy periods with a brief shower or two during the day, but becoming
more frequent at night. Moderate southwest wind freshening. Max 19

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