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<nettime> Turing

Due to the huge demand to have a go at the Turing Test, some of you may
find the chat rooms full. If so, we're very sorry, but here's an
alternative. Displayed below is the transcript of a Turing Test chat which
took place earlier, you can take a look and vote whether you think the
conversation is between two humans or a human and a computer: 

Pat: Hi I'm Pat who are you

You: Hi i'm David. Do yow Like sport

Pat: I like Football and skiing. What do you like

You: I like swimming. Are you wearing green today?

Pat: no black and white actually. Its a bit cold for swimming at the moment

You: But it won't be cold indoors

Pat: Thats true. Where are you - I'm in London.

You: I'm in Aberdeen Scotland,. my sister says hi.

Please only vote once:

I think Pat is    [] A human    [] A computer

Just in case you had any doubts that Hollywood thinks we're a little dumb,
take into account some comments producer Joel Silver made to the Sydney
Morning Herald (via the LA Times) while in Australia working on The
Matrix. Silver's recipe for success: "Every 10 minutes there needs to be
some kind of 'whammo,' or action beat, a gunshot, an explosion, a car
chase or a fight, something that provides an adrenalin rush and gives the
movie a sense of forward motion." Between those action squences, Silver
says there should be "funny lines," also known as "zingers" to relieve the
film's tension. 

Using this recipe, Silver maintains that it's possible to play an audience
like "an orchestra."

Pat: Hi I'm Pat what's your name

You: Hannah

Pat: Hi Hannah - where are you

You: I am in West Yorkshire

Pat: I'm in London. What did you do today

You: i went to school

Pat: How old are you

You: 16

Pat: What was the weather like up there today it was cloudy and cold here

You: i was basically the same her, but it also snowed

Pat: Snow! I think its only snowed once in London this summer

Please only vote once:

I think Pat is    [] A human    [] A computer

In the one moment of epiphany in "The Road Ahead," Bill Gates explained
why he became infatuated with computers as a kid: "We could give this big
machine orders and it would always obey." 

In his new book, Gates re-creates this adolescent domination fantasy in
the executive boardroom -- where, thanks to the digitally enabled
just-in-time flow of perfect information to their desktops, the corporate
managers Gates profiles can now exercise precise control of their
operations. The "digital nervous system" becomes a feedback-and-control
loop that lets managers slice their bean-counts ever more finely and tune
their organizations to a peak of responsiveness. Gates still loves big
machines that follow orders -- only now the machines are organizations
made up of human beings. 

Alex: Hello, this is Alex. Howw's it going?

You: Iiiiiiits going grrrreeeat

Alex: I'm from Londonn, by the way.

You: aarea you?

Alex: Huh?

You: Are you?

Alex: yes, aren't you?

You: Oh I am

Alex: you am?

You: I is

Alex: You is?

You: I are

Alex: That's the short answer, I guess. Won't you let me have the full story?

You: I would if I knew what we were talking about!!

Alex: Someone give me a good strong drink!

You: What's your favourite wine?

Please only vote once:

I think Alex is    [] A human    [] A computer

Two researchers from Switzerland say they've determined that DNA carries
electricity as well as a good semiconductor. And they say DNA strands
could one day be used to build extremely tiny electrical devices, if the
strands could be fitted with on and off switches. 

The researchers report on their findings in the journal "Nature". 

Alex: Another chatter! Hello.

You: Heyup... I'm Robin, how are you?

Alex: Alex here. I work for the BBC.

You: Processing data?

Alex: i'll ignore that. do you have a lucky number?

You: I'd always go for 5...

Alex: Mine's six.

You: Is it not a bit boring sitting there for 2hrs every day?

Alex: I wish my life was as interesting as yours.

You: IS mine interesting?

Alex: Well, what do you think?

You: I could be another computer....

Alex: I think I'm talking to a machine here...

You: That's my line :)

Alex: You must be a philosopher.

You: And you must be a person

Alex: You have to be philophical to do this!

You: Damn right... what's your normal job? (or is this normal?)

Alex: I'd rather not say.

Please only vote once:

I think Alex is    [] A human    [] A computer

Sony said its new Playstation 2 "emotion synthesis" graphics processing
system will simulate gravity, friction, mass, and materials like water,
wood, metal, and gas. It uses MPEG-2 compression to store images, which
can be decompressed in real-time as the games require. 

The system will simulate "not just how the images look, but how the
characters and objects in a game think, act, and behave. Imagine walking
into the screen and experiencing a movie in real-time ... this is the
world we are about to enter," Sony said in a statement. 

Robin: Howdy. I'm Robin. Tell me how are you feeling today? Good I hope.

You: I'm feeling a bit down at the moment

Robin: You are, and you don't mind confessing to it!

You: No, I've been looking for someone to share a house with

Robin: Yes, and you are very cross about it!

You: Not cross, just feeling a bit upset because I haven't sorted it out yet

Robin: Are you really sure you haven't? Who's going to sort it, then? The
local butcher?

You: No, don't be silly I've got to organise it but I'm just procrastinating

Robin: But I wonder what you do when you aren't procrastinating. Or perhaps
that's a silly question. Perhaps it's like asking what the wind does when
it isn't blowing.

You: I just find loads of other things to do apart from sorting a house out

Robin: I wouldn't necessarily say that. You only find when you are

You: I've got to go now, bye

Robin: Wow! How clever of you!

Please only vote once:

I think Robin is    [] A human    [] A computer

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