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<nettime> [Montreal Int'l Festival of new Cinema and new Media 1999]

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28th EDITION: OCTOBER 14 to 24, 1999
(version francaise ci-bas)


The Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media is a one = of a
kind event devoted to the promotion and exposure of innovative developments in
the fields of cinema, video and new media.

Eclectic and inspired, demanding and visionary, provocative and groundbreaking,
the Festival is a multidisciplinary happening where a = wide variety of sound
and image creations are brought together in order to stimulate exchange and
fusion across and between different media and genres. In stirring up questions,
seeking new directions and combining forms, styles and ideas the Festival
offers a copious menu of images and sounds for the curious mind.

In bringing together fiction, documentary, animation, performances,
installations, multimedia and net projects, the innovative and = imaginative
programming fosters a transversal dialogue between these wide ranges of

As a launching pad for new and original works, and a meeting ground = where
discoveries are made, thoughts provoked and emotions roused the Festival = is
pursuing its 27 year tradition of welcoming Quebecois, Canadian and
international artists year after a year in a hearty and exciting atmosphere.
The Festival encourages exchanges with the audience and professionals and
provides an attractive showcase for the selected works = as well as concrete
distribution possibilities.

In 1999, the Festival will move to a new complex dedicated entirely to cinema,
video and new media. The works will thus be shown in a state of = the art
environment ensuring top of the line screening and reception = quality.  This
new complex, in downtown Montreal, will allow the Festival to leap into the new
millennium with wide eyes and confidence.


Always on the look-out for the latest in innovative and original works, = the
Festival is devoted to the promotion of independent cinema and video, = and the
expanding field of new media.

The two guidelines for inclusion in the Festival are innovation and
exploration. The programme is divided into three main sections: = features;
short and medium-length films and videos; and new media. Special presentations,
retrospectives and profiles further complete the program.

FEATURE LENGHT FILMS AND VIDEOS: An international selection of = contemporary
independent films. Films and videos are accepted in this section = regardless
of their genre (fiction, documentary, experimental, animation).

SHORT AND MEDIUM-LENGTH FILMS AND VIDEOS: The length of works presented = in
this section should not exceed 60 minutes. An international selection clustered
into programme blocs. Films and videos are accepted in this section regardless
of their genre (fiction, documentary, experimental, animation).

NEW MEDIA: An international selection including performances, = interactive
installations, multimedia projects (CD-ROMs, Web sites) conferences and
artists' presentations. The works submitted to this section should = explore
the emergence of the new creative field arising out of the integration = of new
media technologies and artistic practices. The Festival welcomes any work that
distinguishes itself through a creative, innovative and challenging use of
sound and image technologies.


Money prizes for the most distinguished works in all three sections are awarded
by an independent jury of professionals. Prizes include: Best feature - Louve
d'or - (film or video), Best short or medium-length work =
Loup argente - (film or video), Best new media work (performance, installation,
multimedia, network project), Best Canadian work (all categories), as well as
an Public Choice Award (feature only).


All entries must be received by May 15, 1999 at the latest.  Entry Fees: 20$ US
or 25$ CAN

For more information on terms of participation, to download an = application
form or to subscribe to the festival's mailing list, please visit our = web


Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM) 3530, boul.
Saint-Laurent Montreal (Quebec) H2X 2V1 Canada

Ph. 1 514 847 9272 Fax. 1 514 847 0732 Email: Web site:

28E EDITION - 14 AU 24 OCTOBRE 1999


Le Festival international du nouveau Cinema et des nouveaux Medias = de
Montreal est un evenement unique dedie au developpement et = a la diffusion
des nouvelles tendances en cinema, video et nouveaux medias.

Eclate et inspire, exigeant et visionnaire, provocateur et = defricheur, le
Festival est un veritable happening multidisciplinaire qui ose se = mesurer aux
diverses formes de creation de l'image et du son afin d'encourager = la fusion
des mediums et des genres. Il decouvre, questionne et fait le = pont entre les
formes, les styles et les idees, proposant un menu d'images = et de sons concu
pour les esprits curieux.

Fictions, documentaires, essais, animations, performances, = installations,
multimedias et projets en reseaux s'y c=F4toient et s'y interpellent = gr=E2ce
a une programmation eclectique et imaginative.

Rampe de lancement pour les oeuvres inedites et originales, lieu de
rencontres, de revelations et d'emotions, le Festival accueille = chaque annee
depuis vingt-sept ans les createurs quebecois, canadiens = et etrangers dans
une atmosphere chaleureuse. Il encourage l'echange avec le = public et les
professionnels et offre aux oeuvres selectionnees une vitrine = de diffusion
stimulante ainsi que des retombees concretes en terme de distribution.

En 1999, le Festival s'installe dans le nouveau complexe EX-CENTRIS, inaugure
au printemps, entierement dedie au cinema et aux = nouveaux medias.  Assurant
aux oeuvres un contexte et une qualite de diffusion hors = pair, ce nouvel
edifice erige en plein coeur de Montreal permet au = Festival d'aborder le
prochain millenaire avec inspiration et audace.


A l'affet de creations originales et inedites, le Festival se = consacre
a la promotion du cinema d'auteur, de la video independante et des =
createurs du domaine des nouveaux medias.

L'innovation et l'exploration s'imposent comme lignes maitresses de la
programmation. Divisee en trois grands secteurs : longs metrages, = courts et
moyens metrages et nouveaux medias, la programmation est = completee par la
presentation d'hommages, de retrospectives et de programmes = speciaux.

LONGS METRAGES: Une selection internationale d'oeuvres d'auteurs
contemporains. Films et videos sont admis dans cette section ainsi que toutes
les formes d'expression (fiction, documentaire, essai, = animation).

COURTS ET MOYENS METRAGES: La duree des oeuvres presentees dans = cette
section ne doit pas exceder 60 minutes. Selection internationale = regroupee
par programmes. Films et videos sont admis dans cette section ainsi = que
toutes les formes d'expression (fiction, documentaire, essai, animation) =

NOUVEAUX MEDIAS: Selection internationale proposant un cycle de performances,
d'installations interactives, de projets multimedias (cederoms, sites
internet=85), de conferences et de = presentations d'artistes.  Les oeuvres
soumises dans cette section doivent tendre vers une = exploration des champs de
creation lies a l'emergence et a l'integration = des nouveaux medias, du
traitement numerique et de nouvelles technologies. Le = Festival recherche
toute forme de projet se demarquant par une utilisation creatrive, novatrice et
significative des technologies de l'image et = du son.  


Des distinctions sont decernees par des jurys independants = formes de
professionnels. Ces prix en argent sont decernes afin de souligner l'excellence
et la qualite de l'oeuvre.  Prix du meilleur long metrage - Louve d'or - (film
ou video), Prix = du meilleur court ou moyen metrage - Loup argente - (film ou
video), = Prix nouveaux medias (performance, installation, multimedia, projet
en = reseau), Prix de la meilleure oeuvre canadienne (toutes categories), Prix
du = public (toutes categories).


Date limite de reception des dossiers de soumission : le 15 mai 1999.  Frais
d'inscription: 20$ americains ou 25$ canadiens

Pour de plus amples informations sur les conditions de participation, = pour
telecharger le formulaire d'inscription ou pour vous inscrire a la = liste
d'envoi du festival, veuillez visiter notre site internet:


Festival international du nouveau cinema et des nouveaux medias de =
3530, boul. Saint-Laurent
Montreal (Quebec) H2X 2V1

Tel. 1 514 847 9272
Fax. 1 514 847 0732
Site web:
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