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 Is this a revolution? Nazi conspirators and long memories. The CIA
Kosovan drug cartel Zionist conspiracy? Without Rousseauan dynamics, or
the privileges of capital is violence inevitable? And vice versa? Is
that the human condition? "Natural selection?" But this is an
information war. Isn't it? Because we need information to survive. Don't
we? Because we are morally ambiguous?  Aren't we? A free national state
of ethnic purity? Isn't that what the West is fighting for? Or is that
the Nation brothers? (Now). Does it matter? Because we have to win.
Because God is on our side? And we are fighting for Allah. 

Is it not all just about property? To those that have, shall be given. 
Are we turning  the clocks forward? Or backwards? Is it not just that
Slovenia removed the financial centre from an entire state - now
Republic? But this is the centre of the world? Isn't it? The Greek City
state. Alexander. Byron. All the young Turks.  Belgrade. Zagreb. Take
what you can get. This rule of the people.  The rule of many as divine
against the rule of the wise. The prince and the city ruler. Baron,
fief, and tithe. And the Greeks were so certain of their own doubt on
the possibility of wisdom. The rule of the divine as many against the
rule of lies.  Nationhood. Does not exist without the city. The city is
capital. This is the net. People are not capital. Belgrade is Belgrade.
Milosevic Horovitz Bolshevich. Put your trousers back on Hilary. 

There is no social net. There never was. You are alive. That is that.
National Socialism. New Socialism. Communist Socialism. Maoism. The rule
of the many by the many. The spoils of power for the many. Just. Just
that. Which many are you? How moral can the military  be. With
electronic warfare. And this is information warfare isn't it? Whose side
am I on? And the bankers? Profit is not gained by military pillage. 
Write off the third debt. And hope to God someone will forgive us.  We
send the troops in today. To do what was refused in Ireland. How far do
the clocks have to run before the truth ceases to be. Ownership? Title?
History? Heritage? Invent them. And look behind you. Because the Balkans
are the centre of the world. \But this might be a Balkan lie as well.
The truth is dead. Long live the revolution.

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