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<nettime> Clarification

>There is flawless and sad logic here, but the key words, "reinforcements"
>and "occupation," make me ask of whom and by whom.

    Occupation of Yugoslavia and reinforcements for Yugoslav army in case 
    that mentioned NATO invasion starts. That was just an analyses of 
    current NATO actions (bad analysis, I hope).

>What about the camps on the border of Macedonia? Are those not an
>"humanitarian catastrophe"? 

    I never said that camps in Macedonia are not horrible thing. 
    This is really worse than things in large cities of Yugoslavia,
    but NATO is not here to solve the problem - it just worsens
    situation on Kosovo. 

>I am certain there are many people in Yugoslavia who oppose both.
>How is it they are paralyzed? 

    My dear friend, IT'S A GOD DAMNED WAR HERE! On the first day of 
    NATO attacks out government declared a law according to whom: 
    "any public work against the country's safety is STRICTLY 
    forbidden and will be SEVERELY punished". That law will be valid 
    only during the war. Now, tell me: if you were here, would you 
    have so much courage to get out and play a hero on the streets 
    on Belgrade yelling: "Milosevic murderer"? When there were no 
    NATO attacks, that was possible. Now, thanks to NATO, Milosevic 
    is stronger than ever...

>Ironically, I can only suppose that the Albanian-speaking people of 
>Kossovo felt occupied by foreign troops as the Serbian army 

    Milosevic didn't sent those troops on Kosovo because he decided
    one day, it would be really fun to kill some Albanians. THERE
    IS ARMED REBELLION ON KOSOVO! Hardcore Albanian leaders and their
    armed forces (KLA) want to separate Kosovo from Serbia. They 
    wanted that to do that for decades before Milosevic. That's why 
    I'm saying Milosevic is NOT THE ONLY key to Kosovo conflict.

>The nation state and nationalism are one of the causes of the greatest
>evils of our time, but what should replace them?

    So, like I said, NATO is clearly not here to end this terrible 
    humanitarian catastrophe on Kosovo or solve anything, but to 
    destroy Yugoslavia and Serbia (revenge?), even with a price of 
    much larger exodus from Kosovo.

    They simply don't care about refugees. Nobody ever really cares 
    for refugees. Everybody feels sorry for refugees he/she sees 
    on TV, but nobody wants to do anything to PREVENT such things 
    to happen! 

    I know that best, because I work in one Belgrade based NGO which 
    acted for a peaceful resolve of Kosovo conflict for more than 10 
    years! I can count on my fingers governments, persons and 
    institutions, national and international, who were truly 
    interested for refugees and peaceful resolve of this conflict.

    If somebody thinks that heavy military action and more killing
    is a way to bring peace anywhere - he is either naive or a fool.


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