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<nettime> AMARC press release in English on B92

From:           	Elvira Truglia <elv@ALCOR.CONCORDIA.CA>


Montreal, 2 April 1999

AMARC urges support for independent media in Yugoslavia

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), today
condemned the closure of Radio B92 in Belgrade and expressed its grave
concern at the escalation of the conflict and for the safety of
journalists and other staff of the remaining independent media in the
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. 

AMARC called on the Yugoslav authorities to ensure the safety of
journalists and other media staff, to allow Radio B92 to resume
broadcasting, and to implement measures to ensure the freedom of the

AMARC believes that the current armed actions of NATO have contributed
enormously to the lethal climate. Therefore, this condemnation of the
Yugoslav government must not be read as support of NATO. 

AMARC urged all parties involved in the conflict to seek a diplomatic
resolution to the crisis and to cease activities, which are leading to
escalating violence in the region. 

On March 24, 1999, four hours after the Secretary General of NATO issued
the order to attack Yugoslavia, Radio B92`s transmissions were banned and
essential transmission equipment confiscated. Radio B92`s editor-in-chief
was detained by police for eight hours. In the early hours of April 2nd,
police officers arrived to seal the station studios where Radio B92 had
continued to broadcast by Internet, forced the staff to leave the
premises, removed the station manager from office and appointed a
government official in his place. 

AMARC reiterated its support for Radio B92, the leading independent radio
station in Belgrade, recipient of the AMARC 1998 Solidarity Prize, and
founder of the Association of Independent Electronic Media. AMARC called
upon media organisations and individuals to support the independent media
in Yugoslavia by re-broadcasting Radio B92`s programs, by mirroring the
Radio B92 WWW site and by donating to the Radio B92 support campaign. 

Radio B92`s web site continues to carry news at <<>>. A
special support group web site has also been set up at
<<>>. Additional reception details for radio
stations will be available at <<>>

For further information contact: AMARC International Secretariat, tel.:
(1-514) 982 03 51, fax: (1-514) 849 71 29, e-mail:, cc: or the AMARC Europe Secretariat, tel.: +44 114 221 08 92,
fax: +44 114 279 89 76, e-mail:, cc:

Elvira Truglia
Editor, InteRadio
World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
Association Mondiale des Radiodiffuseurs Communautaires
Asociacion Mundial de Radios Comunitarias

International Secretariat
3575 Saint-Laurent Blvd. #611
Montréal, Québec  H2X  2T7   CANADA
Tel : +1 (514) 982 03 51        Fax : +1 (514) 849 71 29
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