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Re: <nettime> Genocide: what's in a word?

> There are, however, jargonistic terms which have reached their widest
> circulation in the Balkan crisis. I am referring to that appalling phrase:
> ethnic cleansing.
> Can anyone tell me where this phrase originated? Was it a journalists
> invention meant to link the expulsion and extermination of the Kosovan
> Albanians to the plight of the Jews in W.W.II Europe? or is it the
> rhetoric of the Serbian perpetrators themselves?

This expression is coming from Milosevic himself in 1992 when he was agressing
Croatia by organizing collective rape on croatian women to make them pregnant:
like this until 2 generations croatians are 50 % serb and then until 2
generations 75 % !!!!!
he was calling that ethnic purification:
he was killing men and keeping women to purify the race ....
He's bringing a new step to Hitler ...
That's why he may be assimilated to a nazi !!!!
he's starting again this process in Kosovo: source from europe manager of HCR
(Paris) ....

All my best,

Valery Grancher

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