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<nettime> yugoslavia digest Thu Apr 1 [barbrook, bennahum, rolux] (Richard Barbrook)
         Re: the personal is political/Trivialising Holocaust
David S. Bennahum <>
         Re: come on, insomnia, be a bastard
ROLUX <> (down)

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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 20:58:43 +0000
From: (Richard Barbrook)
Subject: Re: <nettime> Re: the personal is political/Trivialising Holocaust

     [re Joerg Koch <>'s message]


>it's interesting to observe how a lot of so-called left-winged people morph
>into Nato-cheerleading boosters. Whether the likes of former street
>fighters like our  German foreign minister Joschka Fischer or French
>intellectuals or British academics like you, they all believe in the power
>of bombs.

On the contrary, I'm very sceptical about the power of bombs. I'm even more
sceptical about the real motives of the USA and its allies for carrying out
this war against Serbia. However, all these doubts are side issues.
Milosevic has been planning to exterminate and expel most of the population
of  Kosovo for many years. To get rid of 90% of 1,800,000 people takes a
lot of planning. After a massive effort, he has finally managed to provoke
a crisis to carry out his evil scheme. Well-practiced in Croatia and
Bosnia, his troops can now go into action. Don't they just love their job.
What does NATO bombing achieve? It ups the costs of his crimes enormously.
His troops, arms factories and supplies are 'degraded' (in the surreal
euphemism of the USAF). Can they stop the destruction of Kosovo? Probably
not. Will NATO send in ground troops to rescue the Kosovars? Unlikely. But
doing nothing would have made committing this crime almost cost-free for
Milosevic. Just like Croatia, just like Bosnia. At least now the Serbian
army is unlikely to have enough equipment left to invade Macedonia. Maybe
the independence of  Montenegro will be won with less dead people. The war
in Europe is not a new phenomenon. It has already been going on for eight
years. Lots of people have died. Many more will be killed before it is all
over. Although it may be an exaggeration to compare contemporary events
with the Holocaust, the Kosovan representative's claim still contains a lot
of truth. The carefully-planned strategy of the Milosevic regime is the
deliberate and systematic destruction of an entire people. Sounds familiar?
What a way to end the twentieth century.

Victory to the KLA!!!



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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 15:05:50 -0500
From: "David S. Bennahum" <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> come on, insomnia, be a bastard

> He's
>probably got a cool haircut, reads Deleuze, listens to techno and
>everything else that would place him in nettime. He's total urban elite.
>Maybe it's just cool for us to receive messages from the war zone, I don't
>know. But Wam Kat's diaries these are not. And he's not one of us. Unless
>he decides to get a bit more multiplicit. How about it "insomnia"? Lose
>some loyalties. Think for yourself. Drop two of those fingers and become a

If I understand things correctly, according to Rewired (,
Insomnia is described as:

"Vladislava Gordic is an assistant professor of American and English
Literature at the University of Novi Sad."  Gordic is female.


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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 23:05:51 +0200
From: ROLUX <>
Subject: (down)

    Sebastian Luetgert

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