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<nettime> urgent action: hunger strike in detention center Mannheim (Germany)

31 march 1999


Our last fax campaign for Recep Öz was successful. He
was not deported, unlike so many other refugees
from Kurdistan these days. Thanks a lot for your support! 

Please join this new fax-campaign below!

For further information or german version, see also:
--> urgent


Supporting group for people in detention center mannheim
Augusta-Anlage 53
d- 68165 Mannheim
Tel. 0049 - 621 - 412556

Another Hunger Strike

Since Monday nearly 20 people in detention center of mannheim started a
new hunger strike. with an open declaration they want to give
information about their situation.

this declaration was send to miniser of justice in Baden-Württemberg,
Stuttgart, Mr. Goll, to keep atention and to take contact to those in
hunger strike. since today there was no answer.

As we get knowledge by one lawyer who get into contact to the hunger
strikers, the refugees comes from different country: ghana, togo,
algeria, nigeria, liberia and sierra leone. they stayed since some month
in detention center.

- Y.E. is one from togo woho asked for second asylum which was rejected.
A demand for garantee to stay in germany was also rejected, even because
the judge will respect a certain danger in togo for those who asked for
asylum here. since four months he stayed in detention center. his appeal
for the highest court was not decided.

- I.D. came from ghana, he is surely very seriously ill, this was
clearified by many doctors. after his asylum was rejected he want to go
to italy but arrested at the border. because he now have to stay in
detention his illness come to a new evidence.

- C.L. was arrested their for the only reason that his "identity" is not
clear. the burocrazy believed him to falsify his nationality to a
liberian one. Their is no prouve for this accusation. For the meantime
he have to stay in detention - and only know the burocracy start to look
for some arguements for their accusation.

We are now looking to this forth hunger striks in one year. For our
organisation this will be a very clear signal for unhuman conditions in
detention center, and especially for a very strong system of
discrimination in that center.

We asked you to give your clear protest against to responsable ministers
in the government or Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Goll

thanks for your help

Karl Heinz Royen 
Tel.: (0049) 621 - 377729 or 621 - 3392236

If you like, you can use this letter to the minister of justice in


the Minister of Justice
Mr. Goll
Schillerplatz 4
d- 70173 Stuttgart
Fax-Nr. 0049-711-2792377

Dear Mr. Goll,

we like to give our protest against detention center of Mannheim and to
support by this letter the declaration of those fighting in hunger
strike for their rights.

"Strike for our freedom" - by this demand the hunger strikers are
demanding their freedom. Every people have to keep his right how to live
in this world. We came to germany because we feard for our live. We got
problems in our country and for this everyone of us is looking to sure
his life and to avoid any danger.

"Detention and deportation is out of our free live and contrary to the
International Human Rights, the Right of Freedom of every individual,
the Right of living standards and of our health. Because of this
violation against basic standards we are starting a hunger strike till
we get a chance to discuss our matter with those responsable. Every one
of us will get into contact to those who are responsable."

Till now there is no answer. We like to repeat this position and to
support those hunger strikers in their own demands.

Please send back to
organsiation against detention center
Fax-Nr. 0049- 621 - 36860

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--ueber die grenze ------------
--phone: ++49/89/172/8910825---
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