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Press Announcement
Help B92
27 March, 1999

B92 is broadcasting more English news bulletins

Radio B92 in Belgrade is increasing its number of English
news bulletins because of their internet program. In the
early morning of March 24 the transmitter of Radio B92 from
Belgrade was confiscated by the Serbian authorities. Since
then B92 is relaying on internet broadcasting.

Most journalists at B92 are doing their work at this moment. A
few male workers cannot appear at work because of the
general draft. They hope to stay out of the army.

Communication in Serbia is gravely hindered by telephone
traffic being limited to 1500 connections at one time, Radio
B92 announced this afternoon.

The B92 Web site ( is getting plenty of
traffic. Friday the site had 200,000 visitors. There are
short video clips on the site. B92 broadcasts an
English-language news bulletin each day at 12.05, 14.05,
16.05, 18.05, 20.05 and 22.05 hours.

The Help B92 support group ( has
received an overwhelming number of reactions. E-mail is
pouring in from all over the world with questions from
people who want to help. Many organizations have placed the
Help B92 logo on their Web sites.

Help B92 provides technical support for B92's Internet
broadcasts. Help B92 has also started a fundraising
campaign. As a result of the support campaign, the Austrian
national radio station ORF has begun broadcasting B92 on
medium wave. The signal can be received in Serbia. Also the
BBC Worldservice is rebroadcasting the B92 signal by sattelite 
which is availible in Serbia for everyone with a sattelite dish.

Extensive information about the campaign and the response to
it can be found at

Help B92
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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