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<nettime> Information on Air Strikes in Yugoslavia

Dear Friends,

As the situation in Yugoslavia worsens, and many of us start to question in
earnest the effectiveness of NATO air strikes, a group has been founded to
try and ensure the distribution of information relating to the situation in
Yugoslavia.  This group is called Help B92, in honor of one of Yugoslavia's
most important media entities, Radio B92.

As expected, the mainstream media in most countries has failed in providing
a balanced picture of what is happening with regards to the air strikes,
and thus referring to alternative information channels is essential at such
a time.

The Help B92 team in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have begun to compile an
archive of news stories in text and in audio to try and ensure that
accurate and up-to-date information is available.  This resource can be
accessed at:

There is also an excellent BBC news story about the situation at:

Raising awareness for the effects of war on Yugoslavia is very important at
this time.  If you work for a media organisation, a newspaper, a radio or
television station, or have a website, you can assist very directly.  Link
to the Help B92 website; Lobby your editors to feature information such as
the news stories presented at the Help B92 website.  You can also help out
in one of the four ways outlined below.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer at this difficult time.

Best wishes

Honor Harger
r a d i o q u a l i a


B92 is the backbone of the independent news service in Yugoslavia.  Without
immediate financial support this last source of independent news for the
inhabitants of this region is endangered. A fund raising campaign is being
started by the support group, with the objective of sending money and
equipment to B92 and other independent radio stations in Serbia and Kosovo.

There are four key ways that you can assist the group in its support of B92.

1) Link to the website: http://helpb92.xs4all.nl
by using the logo from the website and promote the spreading of this logo
in any way you can. Also link to the B92 website: http://www.b92.net

2) Help raise funds for B92 and other endangered independent news services
from Serbia and Kosovo. The special account number that has been opened for
donations is 7676.

International money orders are payable to:
Press Now
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen
10  1017 RR Amsterdam
the Netherlands

International bank transfers can be sent to:
Postbank Amsterdam
Swift address:
INGBNL2A Account number: 7676
in the name of: Press Now  Kleine Gartmanplantsoen
10 1017 RR Amsterdam, the Netherlands

3) Distribute the press release about the fundraising campaign to your
local media.

4) Sign the guestbook on the website

The Help B92 Team is:
B92: 				http://www.b92.net/
De Balie: 			http://www.balie.nl/
De Digitale Stad: 		http://dds.nl/
Next 5 Minutes: 		http://www.n5m.org/
Press Now: 			http://www.dds.nl/~pressnow/
radioqualia (Australia): 	http://www.radioqualia.va.com.au/
De Waag (MONM): 		http://www.waag.org/
XS4ALL: 			http://www.xs4all.nl/

For further information, please contact:

email: helpb92@xs4all.nl

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