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<nettime> THE THING NEWSLETTER Vol.1, Nr.2

THE THING Newsletter                      March 25, 1999
Vol.1, Nr.2

*There cannot be a crisis next week.  My Schedule is already full.*
--Henry Kissinger

Well listen up troops!  Lt. Crack here. We got plenty of trouble
making culture type stuff waiting for you.  All you have to do is
click and load.  You know how to click and load, don’t ya!


Before we let you bugs in, here's TTNews burps:


Help B92 and the independent media in Yugoslavia

On 3/23 the transmitter of radio B92 from Belgrade was confiscated by
the Serbian authorities. The editor-in-chief, Veran Matic, was held in
custody in a police station for well over 8 hours. Despite this
intimidation the station continues its independent news service. At De
Balie in Amsterdam a support group has been founded tonight, which
intends to support B92 and other independent media in Yugoslavia where
in the continuation of their important news service.

Latest news at


"It´s not over till it´s over" or "PGMedia vs Network Solutions"

AP reports that Network Solutions Inc., the company that registers
Internet names as part of an agreement with the federal government,
has antitrust protection, a Manhattan federal judge ruled last week.
The  ruling against Manhattan-based PGMedia Inc. provides the most
thorough legal analysis to date of the right of Network Solutions
to retain its monopoly on registering Internet names for now.
The judge also ruled that the free speech rights of PGMedia were
not violated because Internet addresses are more like telephone
numbers than speech. Network Solution´s victory however is likely be
short-lived. In May, five companies -- including Network Solutions,
are scheduled to begin competing in the rapidly-expanding business
of registering Internet names.


We got some nasty anti-censorship bullets from the gang...
and you're not going to need 46 of them to hit the target.

Check [sites] or click here -->


In [projects] April through June, 1999.

*Bindi* by Prema Murthy

Bindigirl is a character or Murthy's avatar.  She is a construct
of fe/male desire, created out of what is deemed 'exotic' and
'erotic'. Murthy takes Bindigirl pictures of herself and juxtaposes
them with ancient Indian texts excerpted from Hindu Deity mythologies
and The Kama Sutra as translated by Sir Richard F. Burton.

"This presentation questions our growing relationship with distance
and  tele-erotics as a new form of tourism," the artist says.

Master Card, Visa, and American Express cards accepted for selected
merchandise and special live video performances.  Opens in April.
Details to be announced.

Sneak Preview:


In order to define your killzone check out:


Radar is a filtered events calendar now in beta test trials.
Major Kaplan will keep your maps up to date... if he ever makes it
back from the that dangerous South Beach mission.



We also got some memos from the Intelligence Division about strategy
and tactics post take notes:


Interviews with Manuel De Landa and Douglas Rushkoff by
Ricardo Dominguez and Diane Ludin.  

Your call may be monitored for quality assurance:  Officeradio, 
the saga of the cut T1 line.  When BellAtlantic screwed with our 
lines we decided to tap our phones.  Mix by Col. Muzhesky.     


We understand that some of you bugs don’t even know how to use the 
damn phone to call you better watch this:


Circle's Short Circuit, a film Caspar Stracke, 1998.
With John Kelly, Kyle DeCamp, Charles Duval, Avita Ronell.
Director of photography: James Carman. Music by: Hahn Rowe,
David Linton, Koosil-ja, Owen o´Toole, DJ Olive+Paul Schuetze.

Every Thursday, 7pm EST: LIVE from Thing Central in Chelsea, it's
COLLIDER - a stripped down no frills talk show.  Max Headroom for
the 90's!  No, you'll never see this on prime time. Yes, it's beat,
way low budget and ultra-smart.  Click on [archive] for all previous
shows.  Hosted by the indomitable GH Hovagimyan.


Last, not least:

In [threads]:

"Cyberart99."  How to make money with net art!  Absolutely legal!
Celebrity studded mailing list hosted by Cynthia Pannucci.

We also detected a faint pulse in "Almost (A)live From LA."
Stephan Pascher interviews Natalie Bookchin about homework and stuff.

And please folks, make a text donation to "Rainer's Reading Seminar"
so we can get him off the Prozac.


Alright that’s it.  Any questions?  Good.  Remember to keep your feet
clean and your boots virus free.  It’s a jungle out there!

Lt. Crack
Over and out.

PS: If you forgot your password, be our guest and go to the "Password
for Dummies" page.  Your password will arrive within seconds.

********************************************************************,  your portal to restless culture...


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