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<nettime> The Internet Empire Strikes Back



There is no U.S.A. anymore.  There is no fill-in-the-blank-of-your-"country"
anymore.  There is no national soveriegnty anymore.  There is no democracy
anymore.  There is no republic anymore.  There is only empire.

Everytime that you have uttered "The Internet destroys all national borders"
or "Let the Tibetans have sex in the snow if they want to" or "Let us all vote
online on everything we know nothing about" or "An Internet box in every
school, library and public toilet" or "Fry, Pinochet, Fry" or "Uncle George
makes a lot of sense, don't you think?" you have killed yourself, your
freedom, your country, your decency, your independence and you have killed
your humanity.  Might as well put a bullet right between your eyes.

The WORLD GOVERNMENT has no parliament.  It has no courts.  Its structure is
oligarchic/imperial.  Its "executive" is multinational and its bureaucracy is
thoroughly PoGO (Post-Governmental Organization).  Its army is NATO.  Its name

The army of the WORLD GOVERNMENT has struck and it will continue to strike
until the new reality is clear to all who dare defy it.  Did you watch the
NATO press-conference?  Did you see that man smiling?  Did you see those
journalists crying?

Congratulations.  You are all Imperial subjects, once again.  Single file,

The Thousand-Year-Reich is just a temporary user-interface glitch, don't
worry, it'll be "fixed" soon.

Step lively,

Mark Stahlman
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