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<nettime> Help B92 campaign started tonight

March 24th 1999

Help B92 and the independent media in Yugoslavia
Latest news at

Last night the transmitter of radio B92 from Belgrade was confiscated by
the Serbian authorities. The editor-in-chief, Veran Matic, was held in
custody in a police station for well over 8 hours. Despite this
intimidation the station continues its independent news service. At De
Balie in Amsterdam a support group has been founded tonight, which intends
to support B92 and other independent media in Yugoslavia where possible in
the continuation of these important news services. 

With the support of internetprovider XS4ALL B92 also transmits its signals
via internet since december 1996. These digital broadcasts are picked up
by the BBC Worldservice and retransmitted via satellite. Through a network
of local radio stations the programs of B92 can be heard throughout
Serbia, despite repeated attempts by the authorities to silence the
station. At this moment it is still possible to follow the broadcasts of
Radio B92 in real audio on their website, at

In light of the current tense situation it is very likely that the
possibilities of B92 to continue its independent news service will be
limited even further. The support group therefore intends to take measures
to distribute news by and about B92 from Amsterdam. For that purpose a
special website has been opened at

B92 is the backbone of the independent news service in Yugoslavia. Without
immediate financial support this last source of independent news for the
inhabitants of this region is endangered. A fundraising campaign is being
started by the support group, in order to send money and equipment to B92
and other independent radio stations in Serbia and Kosovo as soon as

The founders of the support group are: B92, De Balie, De Digitale Stad,
Next 5 Minutes, Press Now, radioqualia (Australia), De Waag (MONM) en

The Postbank account for donations is 7676, made payable to Press Now in
Amsterdam, please specify "Help B92". For more information or to send
messages of support, please e-mail You can also
digitally support this initiative by copying the special logo onto your
website and linking to Help B92. 

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