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<nettime> angst, bombs and politics (robert adrian)

The police raid on the studios of Radio B92 in Belgrade
last night and the closing of the station are the first
signs of new repression of dissent in Jugoslavia as the
country puts itsself on a war footing in response to
the threat of NATO bombing.

Regardless of the rights or wrongs of the crisis, the
people of Jugoslavia on the ground are living in fear
these days. (As I type this msg CNN reports that the
bombers are on their way and will begin bombing
within the hour).

In February Gordan Paunovic (founding member of B92)
composed a piece for Kunstradio (broadcast 25.Feb.1999)
called: "Last Few Words" from recordings made in Belgrade
in October during the previous NATO bombing threat.

"Last Few Words" can be heard on line at:

Gordan Paunovic writes about "Last Few Words":

"last few words is a small sonic study in determination
of everyday life in troubled cities. Soundscape of fear
and the repetition of anxiety which slowly grows into
an endless paranoia. Loops, rumours, noises and
atmosphere from Belgrade streets in mid-October 1998.

Most of the original material used for this piece was
recorded in the days when the whole nation was hopelessly
stuck to the TV screen - waiting for the news about
possible NATO bombing of Serbia. Everything seemed so
normal - daily routines, shopping, markets, streets, except
for that awful feeling of a human being's absolute weakness
when faced with something so strong but that you can't see
or touch - perpetual and evergrowing spiral of fear and
anxiety. 35 minutes of mass-psychosis - Serbian style."

___________Robert Adrian____________
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