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T h e   N e x t   F i v e   M i n u t e s   3
Tactical Media Event
March 12-14, 1999, Amsterdam/Rotterdam, NL

How Low Can You Go Show
Paradiso, 12 - 03 -99, Friday night, main hall, 21.00 hours

Darko Fritz (Amsterdam/Zagreb): "Error Reports" telefax action
Tjebbe van Tijen, artist and archivist (Amsterdam): Shadow Play
James Wallbank/Redundant Technology Initiative (UK) "Low Tech Manifesto"
Alexei Shulgin (Moscow): 386DX Cyberpunk Rockband
Katarina Soukup (Montreal): Radio Bicyclette
Marko Peljhan (Ljudmila): Insular Technologies
Vuk Cosic (Ljubljana), Walter van der Cruijssen/Ascii Art Ensemble
Eine kleine Wassermusik (Amsterdam): Aquartet
Tetsuo Kogawa (Tokyo): mini fm lecture/performance
Convex TV (Berlin): a/bbs, the audio bulletin broadcast system
Institute for Affordable Lunacy (IBW, Eindhoven): Let's Go!
Emer Beamer (Amsterdam): Beeldbuizen en Huilbuizen

Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam

Live web broadcasts at

DDS 2: the live program from the main hall in Paradiso and the TV live

Television broadcasts at Amsterdam Cable: Salto A1 (channel 26)
Friday: live from 21.00 - 1.00 hours

Solo exhibition 'End of the Message - total archives' by Darko Fitz at
the Berlage Institute Amsterdam  (Marnixstraat 317) IS IS OPEN UNTIL
16th MARCH ! ! !
 Entrance gratis.

Monday - Friday 11 - 17 h.

Tuesday 16th March exhibition will be open 11 - 22 h.
(lecture at Berlage Institute: Alistar Guthrie, London: Creating the
Right Environment, start at
20.00 h)
Saturday and Sunday closed.

Exhibition presenting video installations, photography and telefax works
realized under the title ‘End of the Message’ from 1995 - 1998 by Darko
Fritz. The new site-specific installation with a convex mirror and
video-link is established at the exhibition space. Exhibition room is
constantly observed and recorded by surveillance video system.
Surveillance system at Berlage Institute doors is part of the exhibition

More on 'End of the Message' series at:

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